Virus Protection Tips

Virus protection tipsVirus, Trojan, Worms, or in short, Malware are everywhere today especially when you are using a Windows machine right now. It doesn’t matter it is Windows XP or the latest Windows 8, Windows has a good record with Malware infections.

Most people will be afraid and shock when they heard that they computer is infected with this malicious software. But then again, from the technical point of view, it is just another software that probably it has a bad functionality.

That is why, whenever you suspect that your computer is infected with some sort of Malware or any computer security threats that you can name them, stay calm and then only you can solve the problem.

Don’t always jump to the conclusion of formatting your computer whenever you have an infection because that conclusion doesn’t happen to all the threats.

I had compiled 5 series of articles here that will be useful to virus protection.

  1. 10 Symptoms of a Computer Infected with Malware
  2. 10 Ways to Get Your Computer Infected With Malware
  3. 28 Types of Computer Security Threats and Risks
  4. 16 Free Online Virus Scanner to Scan Your Computer or File
  5. How to Remove Malware such as Virus, Worms, and Trojans


About the AuthorAlan Tay is the owner and founder of IT Security Column.

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