Website with SSL Certificate, Why it’s important to web users?

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SSL certificate is one of the leading buzz in web security industry today to protect website and web users. Website with SSL certificate always used to a secure connection while exchanging information between users and a web servers, and due to secure exchange producer that data can be secured. SSL certificates are performed based on […]

Why is it necessary to have Web Application Security?


It has become very common and also very important for the businesses, companies, organizations, institutes and even government bodies to have web presence. They rely on web application technologies actively for generating awareness and business. These technologies have become omnipresent and an essential part of online commercial sites. While on one side the critical information […]

Signs Your Website is the Target of an Automated Attack


With virtual world becoming our favorite past time, automated attacks are bound to erupt. The world around us is becoming automated, not leaving behind hackers who are also now using automated tools to attack your website. Hackers can disrupt your site functionality with minimum effort even before you realize. And what’s more, easy availability of […]

7 Tips to Avoid Security Breach in WordPress Hosting


People started to do business online by creating websites and blogs but they don’t have that much knowledge in securing their websites from hackers. This is suitable for some popular brands too; recently Yahoo and LinkedIn confronted a security breach of thousands of account password and username are leaked on web. Even the big brands […]

How to Improve Your Web Security

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There are plenty of web security controls that can be implemented to prevent the risks created by web access. Below is a list of activities that will help improve an organization’s web security. Web Filtering Web filtering, while being a subset of web security, is in itself quite broad and there are various controls one […]