How to Use TrueCrypt (Advanced)

Refering to the previous post, this is a more advanced step by step to use TrueCrypt. Creating a Hidden Volume within a TrueCrypt Volume We have seen how to get a TrueCrypt volume created in the previous section. In this section, we will create a TrueCrypt volume that has a hidden volume in it. As […]

How to Use TrueCrypt (Beginner)

This is a piece of step by step on how to use TrueCrypt. Before moving into the step, below are the specification used by me. Preparation Before we move in further into this piece of document, below are the System and TrueCrypt version used by the author. Windows Vista Ultimate Edition (32-bit) TrueCrypt 6.1a (Version […]

TrueCrypt: Protecting Data The Free Way

data protection

Alright, this time around, we gonna look into IT security in terms of protecting your personal data. Let’s get to some basics and think, in the analog world that you are living now, what would be the best method to protect your private stuff? Let’s take paper as example. You have a paper that written […]