Website with SSL Certificate, Why it’s important to web users?

ssl benefits

SSL certificate is one of the leading buzz in web security industry today to protect website and web users. Website with SSL certificate always used to a secure connection while exchanging information between users and a web servers, and due to secure exchange producer that data can be secured. SSL certificates are performed based on […]

How to Configure Wildcard SSL in IIS-7 (Internet Information Services)


This is a guest post by Alice Freriksen. If you are interested to guest post in this blog, just head over to the Guest Post Guidelines.   Internet information service (IIS) let you to engage one site on each IP address which using port 443 for SSL certificate. After issue of SSL certificate, you have to install […]

How to Protect Yourself from Broken SSL Encryption by BEAST


‘Browser Exploit Against SSL/TLS’ or also known as BEAST is becoming the hot topic today as this toolkit is able to break web browser’s SSL encryption. We always taught the end users where for you to have a strong security, you should always enable the SSL or the HTTPS connection. BEAST uses the techniques like […]

Twitter is Using HTTPS/SSL Now

twitter https

Good news now for all Twitter users in terms of security as Twitter is now rolling out the use of HTTPS/SSL by default if your account is a newly created account. While for existing Twitter user, it is advisable for you to turn your HTTPS security on manually until Twitter make it default and compulsory […]