Sony Broken in Again with 93,000 Accounts Compromised


Sony had again had their security broken where this time is only around 93,000 accounts were affected. 3 sections of Sony were involved which are the Sony Entertainment Network, PlayStation Network (PSN) and Sony Online Entertainment services according to Sony blog. Philip Reitinger, the Chief Information Security Group of Sony Group who were hired 5 […]

George Hotz Gets a Job in Facebook

george hotz

Anyone knows who is George Hotz? Does the guy above looks some what familiar to you? It didn’t to me as well but I can explain a little more on this person. If you happen to Google around for his name, you are going to find that George Hotz is kind of popular. The shocking […]

Sony Data Breach Coming to the End?

sony data breach

Few months back, there was Sony data breach and millions of user accounts were compromised. Username, emails and credit card information were stolen leaving all the customers that affected with the Sony data breach have to find ways to change their credit card information and stay super aware of email phishing attacks. If you follow […]

Sony Hacked Again


Sony hacked again after the issue where 77 million Sony Playstation Network users were affected. It really seems like Japan is not having a good time. Apart from the old issue that just mentioned regarding the 77 million users, they were hit as well with the natural disasters, Tsunami and earthquake. Everyone would thought that […]