Stealth Internet Tracking Practices Increase

For many of us the Internet is like a new pet, we love to play with it but sooner or later we know we are going to get bitten. We know that our digital footprint is being tracked and recorded, mined and sold many different ways, but many of us do not care, at least not […]

Woman Files $5 Million Lawsuit against LinkedIn for Security Breach


Katie Szpyrka of Illinois filed a lawsuit in the U.S. District Court in Northern California against the professional networking website LinkedIn. She has sued the company for a security breach after the company announced that hackers had stolen 6.5 million user passwords. She is seeking class-action status for the lawsuit. The hackers published the passwords […]

What is Computer Security?

What is computer security

Readers of this blog might had complained long time ago where I had been talking about security all this while but never really go into the terminology of Computer Security. Even I myself had been asking myself about this term “Computer Security” when I drafted my post on how to remove virus which part of […]

Some Security & Privacy Extensions For The Chrome Browser

Google Chrome

This is a guest post by Rebecca. If you are interested to guest post in this blog, just head over to the Guest Post Guidelines. Google chrome web store comprises several extensions that help safeguard the system thoroughly by providing security and privacy while using chrome. Though the add-on ecosystem for google chrome consumed a longer […]