How to Investigate URL in Details to Prevent Internet Scam


The third chapter of URL investigation and prevention series will be on how to investigate URL in details to prevent internet scam. This chapter basically teaches you on how to deal with URL that sent to you carefully in order to avoid you from falling into the consequences of a dangerous URL. Everyday you receive […]

Apple iCloud Phishing is Back Again

apple icloud

As Tim Cook just started his position as the new Apple CEO replacing Steve Job, scammers welcomed him with the Apple iCloud phishing. This is not the first Apple iCloud phishing attack as Steve Job already tasted one of it sometime around 2 months ago. I personally did not expect the first attack which I […]

Effects of Malicious URL

phishing URL

This is the second chapter of my topic in my URL Investigation and Prevention series and in this entry, I am going to talk about the effects of malicious URL. Using URL to commit an internet scam is pretty common today simply because it is easy to manipulate and also easy to spread around. A […]

What Would You Do When You Receive a URL?


What is a URL? URL is a short form to Uniform Resource Locator where in most of the definition you can find on the internet, it is a web address of a web page. Usually, you can find the URL of a page at the top of your web browser. The web address that you […]

Twitter is Starting to Charge


If you are a big fan of Twitter, you might have heard of the rumor where Twitter is going to charge this October. This rumor is spread around from many of the users of Twitter via their tweets. Our old friend, Friendster tried that before and it was a scam. Until today where majority of […]

Watch Out for Google Adwords Phishing Scam


If you had received an email from the Google Adwords, watch out for the link that it redirects you to because the phishing scam had just started to spread. But before that, a quick introduction here to Google Adwords where it is a program for advertisers to create their advertisement to be published by Google […]

7 Sure-Fire Ways to Have A Secure Email

secure email

It is always important to a secure email and this entry is basically a simple seven sure-fire ways to do it. With the rise of social network attack such as Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr has reminded us that we had left out one important piece which is to have a secure email. This guide is […]

Phishing Attack Hits Twitter's Users via Direct Messages


There had been many attack on social network especially on identity theft and the latest one is the phishing attack that hits Twitter’s users by having by spreading via direct messages. Unlike the previous Twitter attack where the Fox News Twitter tweeted about Obama’s death, ┬áthe purpose of this phishing attack is to steal the […]

Fake Facebook Security Team Sent Out Phishing Messages

facebook security

Just when we had rumors spreading on Facebook charges not long ago, there is another IT security attack on Facebook again using the fake Facebook Security Page. This round of attack apparently is going to be a more serious attack as this attack will result in stealing Facebook user’s password. The previous one, it was […]

Tumblr Bloggers Hit by Phishing


Over 8000 over Tumblr bloggers are hit by a massive phishing scam. The victim who got caught by the scam were tricked into unknowingly handled their login credentials to the fake Tumblr server. In this phishing scam, there were three rogue website names involved which were, and This even had been started […]