Protecting Your Credit in Four Easy Steps

by Joy Mali Maintaining a healthy credit report is something that everyone should be concerned about.   Whether you’re just getting started using credit or if you’ve been managing credit cards and loans for a long time, credit protection is something that can help you avoid a damaged credit score.  There are several things you can do to help […]

How to Protect Yourself from a Phishing Scam


Phishing is obtaining financial or otherwise confidential information from Internet users without their consent. It’s been reported that about 45% of the online community has unknowingly submitted their login information to phishing sites. Here are the top three types of information phishing scammers take from their victims: Usernames/passwords Credit card numbers Social Security numbers It’s […]

Stay Safe, Surf Smart: A Guide to Online Privacy


With the growth of technology in everyday life, more and more private information is stored on computers. This information ranges from baby photographs and secret recipes, to potentially more dangerous information like social security numbers and tax returns. In order to prevent this private information from becoming public knowledge, average people can take steps to […]

What Are Some Popular Online Scams And How To Avoid Them


Let’s face it, the internet just made a big difference in how we live these days. It had made everything easy, fast and just right at our fingertips. However, do you know that there are more threats that you can find in the online world than you can imagine? Therefore, it would be more helpful […]

Top Tips on Android Safety and Security


Android has quickly gained good popularity as a smartphone OS among people mainly because it has Google integration that simplifies the users’ tasks. However, like every other device, Android phones are exposed to security and safety threats. There are about half a million apps in the Google Play. While most of them are free, some […]

Common Characteristics of Phishing


This is a guest post by Joe Schembri. If you are interested to guest post in this blog, just head over to the Guest Post Guidelines.   The Internet has made ecommerce, banking, and other financial transactions easy and convenient, which has attracted millions of users worldwide to the Web to manage bank accounts, monitor credit card statements, […]

Facts about Mobile Banking Security

mobile banking security

Internet banking is pretty common today where most of us doesn’t want to physically appear in a bank to do any banking transaction. A lot of us prefer to do it at work or home where you don’t have to spend your valuable time travelling. As a demand to that with mobile phones had been […]

Fake Hotmail Email – Another Email Phishing Attack


I used to be a Hotmail user when I first encountered internet but made a switch over to Google Gmail after comparing the time to load both sites. Somehow, everything about Google is fast to me even their web browser, Google Chrome. Although I am no longer a Hotmail user, I still read news about […]

Certificate Authority Hacked, Google Faced MiTM Attack

gmail https

A Dutch Certificate Authority, DigiNotar was hacked and it puts users who attempt to access the Google service to be exposed in the Man in the Middle attack. Bad news is even is affected and the good news is that it is not globally spread where it only hit the country of Iran. Getting […]