The Importance of Securing Your Data

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Many of us may make the mistake of believing that just because we lock our doors, or keep an eye on our laptops while we’re out in public, our possessions are safe. However, the work we do on our computers represents a very real asset and is susceptible to all kinds of harm, not limited […]

How These Security Tips Improve E-Commerce Security


One of the biggest responsibilities associated with running an ecommerce business is keeping your site safe and secure for customers. To get started, a decision that will affect your website security is whether you choose to use a shared hosting service or dedicated hosting on your own server. Shared hosting gives you an array of […]

Stay Safe, Surf Smart: A Guide to Online Privacy


With the growth of technology in everyday life, more and more private information is stored on computers. This information ranges from baby photographs and secret recipes, to potentially more dangerous information like social security numbers and tax returns. In order to prevent this private information from becoming public knowledge, average people can take steps to […]

10 Tips on Internet Security


Most people using the internet these days do not know a lot about proper security. This won’t be a problem for the majority of them, just by the law of averages. However, there are some things that can be done in order to have a safer browsing experience, and they are well worthwhile. 1. Don’t […]

Five Common Security Mistakes New Companies Make


The owners of new businesses, for obvious reasons, are often in a rush to become operational and start earning a profit. However, they may be ignorant of the risks involved in handling sensitive data — whether their own or that of their clients. This inexperience may lead them to not prioritize data security, leaving them […]

How to secure your sensitive data online


The web is a fantastic place to learn and share information, but it also carries a certain risk for people who entrust it with their personal data. It’s a public space first and foremost, which means that anyone could potentially dig up information you’ve shared on the web. That might not matter much to you […]