Online Shopping Safety Tips to Ensure Computer and Personal Security

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As the Holidays approach, early bird shoppers are looking for the best deals available to make their loved ones happy.  Sometimes, these deals are “online only,” located on many of our favorite sites, leading to approximately $32.6 billion dollars spent online in 2010. With the increased familiarity of online shopping, as I-pads, Android phones and […]

Why is it necessary to have Web Application Security?


It has become very common and also very important for the businesses, companies, organizations, institutes and even government bodies to have web presence. They rely on web application technologies actively for generating awareness and business. These technologies have become omnipresent and an essential part of online commercial sites. While on one side the critical information […]

Internet Security Tips for the Teens and Kids


Internet is the most epochal creation of the 20th century. Internet is a vast sea of information which gives you the opportunity to gain knowledge on very subject under the sun. Can you understand now why Internet is considered as a valuable tool for business world and the academic field at the same time? Internet […]

Common Characteristics of Phishing


This is a guest post by Joe Schembri. If you are interested to guest post in this blog, just head over to the Guest Post Guidelines.   The Internet has made ecommerce, banking, and other financial transactions easy and convenient, which has attracted millions of users worldwide to the Web to manage bank accounts, monitor credit card statements, […]

Benefits of an Android VPN

benefits of android vpn

This is a guest post by Jodi Pitts. If you are interested to guest post in this blog, just head over to the Guest Post Guidelines. Android has quickly become one of the most popular mobile platforms. It is currently even outselling Apple’s iPhone. Android phones are equipped with the latest technology and applications. They are […]

10 Ways to Shop Safely Online

Online Shopping Security

Online shopping is convenient, but it’s important to take the time to learn how to keep yourself safe while shopping online. Here are ten things you can do to ensure you have a smooth and safe online shopping experience. 1. Look for a secure web address The simplest way to make sure you’re on a […]

Stay Healthy, Stay Safe Online

stay safe online

Another infographic to share today where this time around, we will relate health and online security together. When you are not hooked to the internet, your health is very important to keep you alive. But when you are hooked to the internet, it is your online security that determines your computer health. I have 4 […]