Dropbox Corporate Usage Grows As Does Security Concerns

The issue: Dropbox in becoming increasingly popular. They claim 100 million users and many workers including IT pros use it at the office. This trend should be cause for some concern to IT departments because of the increased chance of critical data loss and security breaches. Why: Many users enjoy the convenience of using Dropbox […]

Connect Using 4G & Upgrade Your Mobile Security

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New dawn emerges and another upgrade of cell phone technology has been produced. Due to innovations 4G was produced such as HSPA (High Speed Packet Access), LTE  (Long Term Evolution) and WiMAX wireless technology has been developed. Phones which belong to a 4G category have download and upload speed 10 times faster than 3G phone’s […]

Security Apps for the iPhone: The Smartest Way to Secure

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Apple’s iPhone is undoubtedly ruling the mobile industry. Since its birth, it has gained immense popularity among the users. Though Apple has been strict when it comes to maintaining regulations pertaining to the availability of the apps in ensuring a fully secured device, yet they can be susceptible to some problems. Therefore it is essential […]

Do You Need Security Software for Your Mobile Devices?

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The use of mobile devices worldwide is growing exponentially year on year. More consumers are using smartphones and tablet computers to browse the internet as well as shop and bank online and so more personal information is accessed and shared than ever before. Unfortunately, this means more and more users are being exposed to malware, […]

Mobile Security – Tips for Frequent Travelers

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Do you have to go for a business tour quite often? If so, you must have to clear the security procedure at the airport. You always eager to get through the security lines with little stress and greater ease. No matter how perfect the security procedure is, you need to remove each and every device […]

Is Rooted Android Device Secure?


Android Rooting – What is It About? Android is an OS from Google Corporation for tablets and Smartphones. The Android holds numerous amazing features which certainly are useful in making it an extraordinary operating system when compared to others. To enjoy all the features of your Android based Smartphone, you are required to root your […]

New Android Security App by Sophos

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Today nearly any device, regardless of which platform it uses, can fall victim to a cell phone tracker and data can be stolen using tools such as a key logger. An increasing number of monitoring and spying apps feature a cell phone tracker service which usually functions through the GPS and nearly all on activity […]

Do You Consider Your Android Smart phone remains Safe And Secure?

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Android is a trendy cell phone which is truly designed by an open source, Android is afforded their users with wide ranging control over device to use many applications. Where hacker can easily understand the sort of architecture and the code and scan unprotective devices to break their private information, mails and bank accounts. It […]

Can We Expect Android To be Fully Secured with Android Armour Security Suite?

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Online security issues on smartphones are a growing concern. Why will anyone want a smartphone if Internet cannot be accessed? Nowadays, when we go out the first place we go is not to boutiques or tech stores, but to the nearest hotspot. It has been rightly named ‘hot’ spot as scores of people bee line […]

7 Mobile Device Management Steps to Keep Your Data Safe

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There are many workers that want to use their own tablets and smartphones for both personal and work related usage. While convenient, this also introduces a lot of security issues for your work files and documents. If you fail to keep your device safe and free from hackers or peeking eyes, then you can compromise […]