Microsoft Security Essentials: A Free But Powerful Antivirus Tool


This is a guest post by Sunny Popali. If you are interested to guest post in this blog, just head over to the Guest Post Guidelines.   The worst thing that you can come across when you are just trying to enjoy some leisure time on your computer is a virus. It’s just as bad when you […]

Microsoft AV Owned

microsoft, the world most visited site, or at least second most visited site for certain countries is being flagged by the Microsoft AV as Blacole Malware. This issue only happened not long after Microsoft released one of their latest security patches about few days back. Not every user will have this sort of experience as […]

Recent AV Test Shows That Kaspersky is Worth Paying

Kaspersky Internet Security

Kaspersky products are famous for being expensive and NOT GIVING any discounts even on seasonal period such as Thanksgiving day and Christmas. All these cons have a reason and the reason is Kaspersky is really worth to pay. In this AV test, 5 antivirus were used which are Kaspersky Internet Security 2012, AVG Antivirus Free […]

Fake Hotmail Email – Another Email Phishing Attack


I used to be a Hotmail user when I first encountered internet but made a switch over to Google Gmail after comparing the time to load both sites. Somehow, everything about Google is fast to me even their web browser, Google Chrome. Although I am no longer a Hotmail user, I still read news about […]

Microsoft Tamed the BEAST and 7 Other Security Fixes


Microsoft’s January patch fixed the famous BEAST SSL issue which affects most TLS 1.0 encryption. The patch also fixes 7 other Windows Security issues.

The Importance of Windows Registry

Windows Registry

IT Security Column would like to launch another series and this time is more towards the Windows Registry Awareness Campaign. I had completed the URL investigation and prevention series few weeks back and it had been great to get some feedback from my reader. Basically, this time I will bring on the Windows Registry as […]

Microsoft Out from Kaspersky Q2 2011 Top 10 Vulnerabilities


Microsoft was never out from the Kaspersky Top 10 vulnerabilities report but not anymore after the hard work of patching the Windows Operating System. It is the very first time as well where the top 10 vulnerabilities only consists of two products which are Oracle (Java) and Adobe Flash Player. Out of the 10 vulnerabilities, […]

Microsoft Fixed Critical Bluetooth Vulnerability


Microsoft just released the latest security patch which fixed 22 vulnerabilities including one of the most critical one which is the Bluetooth vulnerability. This patch is very critical and should be applied immediately if you are using Windows Vista and Windows 7. Apart from that, there are also other vulnerabilities that you should take note […]