Do You Need Security Software for Your Mobile Devices?

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The use of mobile devices worldwide is growing exponentially year on year. More consumers are using smartphones and tablet computers to browse the internet as well as shop and bank online and so more personal information is accessed and shared than ever before. Unfortunately, this means more and more users are being exposed to malware, […]

Is it Important to Get Malware Protection?

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If you are suddenly noticing that your personal computer or laptop is demonstrating unusual behavior such as, slower processing speed, pop-ups and error messages, there is a big chance that your device has been infected by malwares. To start, malware is a malicious software dedicatedly created to infiltrate computers, corrupt important files and illegally get […]

Will the Internet Ever be Completely Secure?

Secure Internet

Studies show that approximately 90 percent of Americans use the Internet in their homes or their offices. Because the Internet is part of everyday life, it is understandable for individuals to assume that the Internet is a secure place. This assumption lands hundreds of thousands of individuals in hot water each year. When the Internet […]

Have Data Recovery Virus, Follow This Healing Guide

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Data Recovery virus is rouge software to fool your computer and to easily hunt for the confidential information such as bank account details, email ID & passwords etc. Whenever data recovery virus attacks to your system, you may found a bunch of pop hard drive error messages and asks you to fix them immediately by […]

Why is it necessary to have Web Application Security?


It has become very common and also very important for the businesses, companies, organizations, institutes and even government bodies to have web presence. They rely on web application technologies actively for generating awareness and business. These technologies have become omnipresent and an essential part of online commercial sites. While on one side the critical information […]

Is Rooted Android Device Secure?


Android Rooting – What is It About? Android is an OS from Google Corporation for tablets and Smartphones. The Android holds numerous amazing features which certainly are useful in making it an extraordinary operating system when compared to others. To enjoy all the features of your Android based Smartphone, you are required to root your […]

Is Your Computer Infected? Beware Of Fake PC Repair System


Do you own your own PC or Laptop? Taking care of the device can be of paramount importance then. Keeping your machine healthy and up to date is the worry of any user. Machine infected with virus is the commonest sight that one encounters while working for quite a long time on computers.  There are […]

Can We Expect Android To be Fully Secured with Android Armour Security Suite?


Online security issues on smartphones are a growing concern. Why will anyone want a smartphone if Internet cannot be accessed? Nowadays, when we go out the first place we go is not to boutiques or tech stores, but to the nearest hotspot. It has been rightly named ‘hot’ spot as scores of people bee line […]

What is Gauss Malware Threat & How to Test Your PC for Possible Infections?

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Security researcher were always strives to find various PC threats and its infections level so that they can improve their security level and Antivirus trustworthiness. This time, Guass malware grabbed the attention of most researcher as it much increases the PC vulnerability as well as the risks to loose confidential data from someone PC’s such […]

Top Online Threats You Should Care


Since the creation of the World Wide Web (WWW), attempts have been made to try to find loop holes in websites and plant a malicious code. These source codes not only infect the computer but also are capable of stealing confidential user information such as passwords and bank account numbers. According to a latest security […]