Is Your Email Account More Valuable Than Your Banking Account?


You might think that your internet banking account is more important than any other online account that you have, but not all people think the same. There are almost of the surveyed people think that their email account is more important than their banking account. If you ask me the same question, my answer to […]

Certificate Authority Hacked, Google Faced MiTM Attack

gmail https

A Dutch Certificate Authority, DigiNotar was hacked and it puts users who attempt to access the Google service to be exposed in the Man in the Middle attack. Bad news is even is affected and the good news is that it is not globally spread where it only hit the country of Iran. Getting […]

Watch Out for Google Adwords Phishing Scam


If you had received an email from the Google Adwords, watch out for the link that it redirects you to because the phishing scam had just started to spread. But before that, a quick introduction here to Google Adwords where it is a program for advertisers to create their advertisement to be published by Google […]

Google Search Engine Warns User on Malware Infections


Google rolls out the move to check every computer for some specific malware infections when the user attempts to perform a search. What happen to the the infected computer is that Google will put a big warning sign at the top of your page with the background colored with yellow. Hence do not worry that […]

7 Sure-Fire Ways to Have A Secure Email

secure email

It is always important to a secure email and this entry is basically a simple seven sure-fire ways to do it. With the rise of social network attack such as Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr has reminded us that we had left out one important piece which is to have a secure email. This guide is […]

How to Setup Your Gmail to use Two-Factor Authentication


Recently, there had been many attack on application which uses a single factor authentication such as Twitter and Tumblr and it is about time for us to emphasize in setting up our Gmail account to have a Two-Factor Authentication, also known as 2-Step verification in Gmail terminology. If you had missed part of my blog, […]