Zyma Unlimited Web Hosting Giveaway

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Thirsty Affiliates giveaway might just ended but don’t be upset because I have another one coming for you. The next giveaway from my blogging tips site, Blogging Fever is not going to be a WordPress plugin anymore. It is going to be a Web Hosting giveaway where 3 Unlimited Web Hosting package for ONE year […]

Thirsty Affiliates WordPress Plugin Giveaway

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Our previous giveaway, the CommentLuv Premium giveaway capped about 18 participants leaving 17 participants in disappointment walking away with nothing. The giveaway is here again and this time around, I will be giving away the Thirsty Affiliates WordPress plugin. If you have not tried or even heard of this plugin, do spend some time to […]

The Best Cloud Encryption Tools

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The cloud: a handy way of backing up and storing files, but regardless of the cloud service you use, you need to exercise great caution when you upload sensitive data. Your files are usually encrypted on the way, and on the servers used by the cloud providers, this means that the cloud storage provider can […]

Cloud Computing Security: An Ongoing Issue

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With the advent of cloud computing and cloud storage, many users fear that their personal data may be susceptible to Internet hackers, and that the overall concept of cloud storage isn’t safe. In fact, information security is probably the most pressing issue facing today’s current and potential cloud users, and many wonder if the methods […]

Free eBook from GFI – Cloud-based network monitoring


GFI Software have recently published an eBook named “Cloud-based network monitoring – Powerful tools for SMBs” and you can download it free to learn about how you can master your IT management and solve IT issues before they become a problem. In this eBook GFI Software look at cloud-based approaches to effectively manage and monitor […]

How Security System Protect Your Business

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Statistics record from United Nations shows that the proportional relation between robbery and the total crime incidence around the world is an alarming .5 percent division, which means that almost half of the amount are cases of theft and burglary – most of which are implemented in business entities such as banks and stores. Robbers, […]

Monitoring your Employees to Enhance Business Productivity

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Optimizing the performance of every individual unit in order to increase the overall performance of the group is the sign of a great leader.  The same rule applies for a good boss too, who wants to ensure that his employees give in their best efforts, which can in turn take the firm to new heights […]

Four Benefits of Remote Server Monitoring

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Having clear insight into your network’s health and performance is essential to running a smooth operation, and remote server monitoring provides you with exactly that. This solution gazes into the dark recesses of your network and allows you to see what is running, how it is running and what may cause a problem in the […]

Essential Tips to Protect Your Computer from The Attack Of Botnets

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What exactly is a botnet? Bot, is short for robot, and a botnet is a network of computers acting as robots. Confused? Let me put it in simple words. There are plenty of bad guys out there in the Cyber world who distribute even worse software. If you’re unlucky enough to click links or visit […]

Home Security Technology

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Safety and security are high priorities for homeowners. Home security systems work well to prevent break-ins and to provide professional assistance with the touch of a button for fire or medical emergencies. With more criminals becoming high-tech, home security has also had to move in this direction. Home security technology has made leaps and bounds […]