The Experts Say Antivirus Investment is a Waste of Money

antivirus investment

On one fine day, when I was on my regular web browsing reading regular themed stories, I came across one of the stories from where the headline says something about antivirus investment. That story caught my eye and I begin to immediately click on it and read what it has to say about this. I […]

Top 5 Security Topic in September that Not to be Missed


September had gone and these are the highlights of the month. Why am I writing this? Well, I am sure not everyone will aware of all the security news and issues. As a result, you might had missed some of the important ones that you should not miss. This special post is only going to […]

Subscribe, Share and Win a One Month Advertising Package


IT Security Column will run a 10 days contest now where the winner of this contest will win a Free One Month 125×125 (on your right) Advertisement from this blog. To participate in this contest, all you need to do is to subscribe, share and win which I will explain in details on the steps […]

Phishing Attack Hits Twitter's Users via Direct Messages


There had been many attack on social network especially on identity theft and the latest one is the phishing attack that hits Twitter’s users by having by spreading via direct messages. Unlike the previous Twitter attack where the Fox News Twitter tweeted about Obama’s death,  the purpose of this phishing attack is to steal the […]

Fox News Tweets on Obama's Death


The official Twitter account of Fox News tweets about Barak Obama’s death where the reason was due to its official Twitter account was hacked. It was not only a single tweet, but more than one tweets were sent out about this rumor. If you are interested to know what are the tweets from Fox News, […]