Internet Security Basics

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Remember the simple days of Internet browsing, when you only occasionally emailed with your one relative that also had the Internet, and simple games of Oregon Trail were the best online entertainment available? Those first days of the Internet weren’t that long ago, so it is hard to believe that by the end of the […]

What You Need to Know About Your New Computer


You’ve finally decided to shell out for that PC that you’ve had your eye on. Your old one was just too slow, too bulky, and too outdated to do what you wanted and needed it to do, and now you have a new machine that’s virtually guaranteed to increase your productivity. Once you get the […]

Will the Internet Ever be Completely Secure?

Secure Internet

Studies show that approximately 90 percent of Americans use the Internet in their homes or their offices. Because the Internet is part of everyday life, it is understandable for individuals to assume that the Internet is a secure place. This assumption lands hundreds of thousands of individuals in hot water each year. When the Internet […]

An Overview of Firewall Security: Types and Working


Almost every computer user knows something about firewall security. Even if you don’t, you would at least know that firewall security is important to safeguard your computer against various threats. Firewall security ensures that there is a barrier between trusted and untrusted networks. Through firewall security, a user is able to block certain network traffic […]

Internet Security Considerations for Small but Growing Businesses

endpoint security

This is a guest post by Chris Gable. If you are interested to guest post in this blog, just head over to the Guest Post Guidelines.   Internet security is not only a concern of small businesses but also of America. There have been numerous initiatives and campaigns to raise public awareness in the past three years. […]

Why Network Transceiver Security is So Important

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This is a guest post by John Reynolds. If you are interested to guest post in this blog, just head over to the Guest Post Guidelines.   Network transceivers are devices that transmit and receive both analog and digital signals. Transceiver is the shortened term for transmitter-receiver. They are an essential part of a local-area networks (LAN). […]

Top 10 Security Precautions for an Online Business

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This is a guest post by Oliver Macpherson. If you are interested to guest post in this blog, just head over to the Guest Post Guidelines.   It’s important to protect online businesses from hackers. As technology is more advanced so are the skills of outside sources. One security breach can put a dampener on the whole […]

What is Computer Security?

What is computer security

Readers of this blog might had complained long time ago where I had been talking about security all this while but never really go into the terminology of Computer Security. Even I myself had been asking myself about this term “Computer Security” when I drafted my post on how to remove virus which part of […]

Types of computer network security

With the development of the technology of computers, network connectivity and data storage is enhanced boosting the IT industry as a whole.

One Reason Why You Must Have a Firewall & Software Patched


This is not any multiple lists of reasons for you to have a firewall & software patched, but just only one very good reason for you to have them. There are two recent study posted on SecurityNewsDaily on this subject and had concluded that 99% of Malware attack developed on top of Windows can be […]