The Top 5 Misconceptions of Cloud Storage Security

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Cloud storage and computing is changing the way that both people and businesses use the Internet and computer technologies. With a quick setup, anyone can have petabytes of storage readily available. All of this can be linked with programs and services to offer easy data backup, collaboration or file sharing functionality as well. With the […]

The Importance of Securing Your Data

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Many of us may make the mistake of believing that just because we lock our doors, or keep an eye on our laptops while we’re out in public, our possessions are safe. However, the work we do on our computers represents a very real asset and is susceptible to all kinds of harm, not limited […]

Mobile Security – Tips for Frequent Travelers


Do you have to go for a business tour quite often? If so, you must have to clear the security procedure at the airport. You always eager to get through the security lines with little stress and greater ease. No matter how perfect the security procedure is, you need to remove each and every device […]

How to “Delete” the Right Way: IT Solutions for Making Sure Your Files Are Really Erased

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When it comes to IT, data security is paramount. No business wants to have its corporate files leaked to hackers, the press, or competitors. Home users are just as concerned, especially when they upgrade to a new computer and must decide what to do with the old one. Deleting your data before you toss a […]

5 Things Cyber Insurance Covers


If you do business online, your important data is at risk. If you store information on the cloud, that information isn’t necessarily safe. The internet is an incredibly valuable tool for most businesses. However, using it means that a number of costly security issues can arise. Because of the looming threat of potential security issues, […]

Five Common Security Mistakes New Companies Make


The owners of new businesses, for obvious reasons, are often in a rush to become operational and start earning a profit. However, they may be ignorant of the risks involved in handling sensitive data — whether their own or that of their clients. This inexperience may lead them to not prioritize data security, leaving them […]

Is It Necessary To Remove Locked Files To Secure Your Computer?


This is a guest post by Vincent Ammirato. If you are interested to guest post in this blog, just head over to the Guest Post Guidelines.   While renaming, moving or deleting files in your computer, you may have come upon a file that couldn’t be renamed, moved, or deleted. A file can be locked for […]

Cloud Storage and Security Issues


This is a guest post by Dave Bower. If you are interested to guest post in this blog, just head over to the Guest Post Guidelines.   Usually the first thing that catches someone’s eye, when they’re considering cloud storage, is that it’s enormously cost-effective. Whereas traditional data storage options, such as expensive backup servers and pricey […]

Unearth Facts About Hard Drive Data Recovery Tool


This is a guest post by Abhayjeet. If you are interested to guest post in this blog, just head over to the Guest Post Guidelines.   Almost all hard drive manufacturers advise to maintain the backup of all your precious data saved on the hard drive of your computer as data loss is one of the […]

How to secure your sensitive data online


The web is a fantastic place to learn and share information, but it also carries a certain risk for people who entrust it with their personal data. It’s a public space first and foremost, which means that anyone could potentially dig up information you’ve shared on the web. That might not matter much to you […]