5 Things Cyber Insurance Covers

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If you do business online, your important data is at risk. If you store information on the cloud, that information isn’t necessarily safe. The internet is an incredibly valuable tool for most businesses. However, using it means that a number of costly security issues can arise. Because of the looming threat of potential security issues, […]

Cloud Surveillance: A Convenient and Reliable Solution to Storing Network Video

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Cloud surveillance is gaining momentum in the network video security market. Also referred to as video software as a service (VSaaS), cloud surveillance delivers a myriad of benefits to homes and businesses utilizing network video, including offsite storage, longer storage times, greater flexibility and convenience, and remote access from essentially anywhere in the world with […]

Unearth Facts About Hard Drive Data Recovery Tool

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This is a guest post by Abhayjeet. If you are interested to guest post in this blog, just head over to the¬†Guest Post Guidelines.   Almost all hard drive manufacturers advise to maintain the backup of all your precious data saved on the hard drive of your computer as data loss is one of the […]

Want to learn more about Data Recovery?


Recently, I had not been updating my blog if you realize. Most of the updates are from my fellow guest bloggers who had done an awesome guest post every two days. So what I had been doing? I had been starting new sites. I still have a few more which I had not announced but […]

Megaupload Data Might Be Deleted By Tomorrow


As we all know, Megaupload was shutdown by FBI some weeks back and the latest news is, the data might be deleted as well. Probably to most people, Megaupload is the heaven of piracy because you can find lots of movies, games, series and many more. Deleting all those stuff is not really an issue […]

5 Reasons Why Even Home Users Need Data Backup Software

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Data backup is very important today where everyone saves their important data in their computer or external hard drive. 5 years ago, or even 10 years back, people backup their data by copying the important files from one hard drive to another. This no longer a common practice because in the world today, we have […]

Genie Timeline Backup Professional 2 Review

Genie Timeline Professional

This piece of article is the Genie Timeline Backup Professional 2 review where this product serves for the purpose of data backup and disaster recovery.