Dropbox Corporate Usage Grows As Does Security Concerns

The issue: Dropbox in becoming increasingly popular. They claim 100 million users and many workers including IT pros use it at the office. This trend should be cause for some concern to IT departments because of the increased chance of critical data loss and security breaches. Why: Many users enjoy the convenience of using Dropbox […]

How to “Delete” the Right Way: IT Solutions for Making Sure Your Files Are Really Erased

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When it comes to IT, data security is paramount. No business wants to have its corporate files leaked to hackers, the press, or competitors. Home users are just as concerned, especially when they upgrade to a new computer and must decide what to do with the old one. Deleting your data before you toss a […]

How to Prevent Social Engineering Attacks

social engineering

This post is about social engineering. It will cover some of the dangers of social engineering and focus more on what a corporation or a company can do to help better prepare their employees for those kinds of situations. Security Awareness Training The most important and something we don’t do enough is the basic security […]

Five Common Security Mistakes New Companies Make

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The owners of new businesses, for obvious reasons, are often in a rush to become operational and start earning a profit. However, they may be ignorant of the risks involved in handling sensitive data — whether their own or that of their clients. This inexperience may lead them to not prioritize data security, leaving them […]

Internal and External Security Threats for Businesses Today and their Solution

External and Internal Threats

This is a guest post by storageonline.org. If you are interested to guest post in this blog, just head over to the Guest Post Guidelines.   “Get Protection for Your Website as it’s Always Better to Be Safe than Sorry” If you are a business that operates over the internet there are many threats you should be aware […]

Tips on Developing an Enterprise IT Security Policy


This is a guest post by Joe Schembri. If you are interested to guest post in this blog, just head over to the Guest Post Guidelines.   An enterprise IT security policy can be an overwhelming document to manage, and IT professionals who are taking a task like this on should be fully prepared. An IT security […]

Using Security Cards to Keep Your Business Safe


This is a guest post by Virginia Cunningham. If you are interested to guest post in this blog, just head over to the Guest Post Guidelines.   In a perfect world, information, data, formulas, inventions and other important business information would be off limits for hackers and thieves. Unfortunately, we live in anything but a perfect […]

How BYOD Changes the Job of IT


The balance between end-users and network administrators has undergone a fundamental shift. What once was a command-and-control environment in enterprise computing—in which IT dictated the image, configuration, and delivery model of technology for employees—is no more.

Billions lost by mobile companies through fraud and error


A new report on the effects of mobile phone fraud and error that was published by Juniper Research has found that many mobile phone companies, manufacturers and operators are losing incredibly vast amounts of their revenue every single year, due to a combination and culmination of fraud and errors mainly in the billing process.