Online Shopping Safety Tips to Ensure Computer and Personal Security

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As the Holidays approach, early bird shoppers are looking for the best deals available to make their loved ones happy.  Sometimes, these deals are “online only,” located on many of our favorite sites, leading to approximately $32.6 billion dollars spent online in 2010. With the increased familiarity of online shopping, as I-pads, Android phones and […]

Do You Need Security Software for Your Mobile Devices?

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The use of mobile devices worldwide is growing exponentially year on year. More consumers are using smartphones and tablet computers to browse the internet as well as shop and bank online and so more personal information is accessed and shared than ever before. Unfortunately, this means more and more users are being exposed to malware, […]

Computer Security Suites: What to look for

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Cybercrime Cybercrime is everywhere. It affects businesses, domestic households and in many of the most high-profile cases governments as well. The cost to the UK economy alone of cybercrime is around £30 billion a year. The dangers to your business and to your home are serious and far-reaching. Bank accounts can be accessed and pilfered […]

How to Protect Yourself from a Phishing Scam


Phishing is obtaining financial or otherwise confidential information from Internet users without their consent. It’s been reported that about 45% of the online community has unknowingly submitted their login information to phishing sites. Here are the top three types of information phishing scammers take from their victims: Usernames/passwords Credit card numbers Social Security numbers It’s […]

Internet Security Basics

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Remember the simple days of Internet browsing, when you only occasionally emailed with your one relative that also had the Internet, and simple games of Oregon Trail were the best online entertainment available? Those first days of the Internet weren’t that long ago, so it is hard to believe that by the end of the […]

What You Need to Know About Your New Computer


You’ve finally decided to shell out for that PC that you’ve had your eye on. Your old one was just too slow, too bulky, and too outdated to do what you wanted and needed it to do, and now you have a new machine that’s virtually guaranteed to increase your productivity. Once you get the […]

Cyber Criminals – Common Activities

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Cyber criminal activity or cyber-terrorism used to be things that we read about occasionally or heard about but had never seen.  However, many people have seen reports, or may know someone (even themselves) who has been a victim of some type of cybercrime. While the most common types include spam, which generally seems harmless and […]

Is it Important to Get Malware Protection?

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If you are suddenly noticing that your personal computer or laptop is demonstrating unusual behavior such as, slower processing speed, pop-ups and error messages, there is a big chance that your device has been infected by malwares. To start, malware is a malicious software dedicatedly created to infiltrate computers, corrupt important files and illegally get […]

Top 5 Ways to Fix Facebook Certificate Error

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Facebook Certificate Error is also known as Expired Certificate Error. It is a strange error to encounter as everyone knows Facebook is a safe social networking web site. You may see the error when you open the website and try to log-in to your account. A problem with your computer’s date and time settings or […]

Will the Internet Ever be Completely Secure?

Secure Internet

Studies show that approximately 90 percent of Americans use the Internet in their homes or their offices. Because the Internet is part of everyday life, it is understandable for individuals to assume that the Internet is a secure place. This assumption lands hundreds of thousands of individuals in hot water each year. When the Internet […]