GlobalSign CA Stopped SSL Business, More CA Compromised


The famous ComodoHacker who hacks into DigiNotar CA (Certificate Authority) had already revealed that four more CA were compromised including GlobalSign. GlobalSign were forced to stop the SSL certificate business in order to prevent the risk of getting the entire CA removed from the Trusted Authority just like DigiNotar. GlobalSign is like one of the top […]

More Bad News on DigiNotar's Hack


I had previously wrote about the news where DigiNotar Certificate Authority (CA) was hacked and issued many fraudulent certificates especially high profile one such as Situation get worse now when the truth is revealed that it is not only the fraudulent client or user (known as end entity) certificates was issued, but also the […]

Certificate Authority Hacked, Google Faced MiTM Attack

gmail https

A Dutch Certificate Authority, DigiNotar was hacked and it puts users who attempt to access the Google service to be exposed in the Man in the Middle attack. Bad news is even is affected and the good news is that it is not globally spread where it only hit the country of Iran. Getting […]

What is a Two-Way Firewall?

two-way firewall

Traditionally, a firewall with the technology 10 years ago is pretty simple and straight forward where it prevents attacker from entering your computer. Back then, Malware like Trojan, Virus, and Worms were not widely spread. That is a one-way firewall. In addition to that, they were also not so complicated in their functionality. If you still […]

Comodo Firewall Review – The Pros and Cons

Comodo Firewall

This Comodo Firewall review is to list down the pros and cons of the software, or should I say advantages and disadvantages. I had made a review on Comodo Firewall before and it appears that this piece of firewall can be quite a good formidable defense to your operating system. If you are still using […]

Fire Up Your Security With Avast Antivirus & Comodo Firewall

Avast Antivirus & Comodo Firewall

Avast antivirus is quite a common free antivirus that home users had been using. Do you know that you can fire up your security by using the Comodo firewall as the first layer of defense. Basically these two products can come as low as zero cost. As mentioned, many home user might still be using […]

Top 3 Tips to Reduce Pop Up From Comodo Firewall

Comodo Firewall

The Comodo Firewall is famous for its annoyance by popping up messages that keep asking for permissions to attempt all its action.  If you are a novice Comodo Firewall user or some user who decided not to use Comodo Firewall due this drawback, then you can refer to these three tips on how you can […]

Comodo Firewall Review

Comodo Firewall

This is the first firewall review for this blog and I would like to take Comodo Firewall to be the first firewall product being reviewed. I am sure many of us heard of the popular ones like Zone Alarm, Online Armor, and many other firewall which bundled into the entire internet security suite. Comodo Firewall’s […]

Comodo RA Compromised


One of the most famous security company, Comodo had one of their RA compromised. For those who are unfamiliar with PKI technology and not too sure what a RA is, here let me explain to you a little. RA is also known as Registration Authority, where this sub-model of the PKI is responsible of issuing digital certificates. […]