The Top 5 Misconceptions of Cloud Storage Security

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Cloud storage and computing is changing the way that both people and businesses use the Internet and computer technologies. With a quick setup, anyone can have petabytes of storage readily available. All of this can be linked with programs and services to offer easy data backup, collaboration or file sharing functionality as well. With the […]

The Best Cloud Encryption Tools

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The cloud: a handy way of backing up and storing files, but regardless of the cloud service you use, you need to exercise great caution when you upload sensitive data. Your files are usually encrypted on the way, and on the servers used by the cloud providers, this means that the cloud storage provider can […]

Cloud Computing Security: An Ongoing Issue


With the advent of cloud computing and cloud storage, many users fear that their personal data may be susceptible to Internet hackers, and that the overall concept of cloud storage isn’t safe. In fact, information security is probably the most pressing issue facing today’s current and potential cloud users, and many wonder if the methods […]

The Risks of Cloud Computing Storage


This is a guest post by Jeremy Haze. If you are interested to guest post in this blog, just head over to the Guest Post Guidelines.   As the cloud computing is getting more and more popular as a highly practical solution to multi-platform file sharing, so do the issues related to it. It is almost impossible to […]

Cloud Storage and Security Issues


This is a guest post by Dave Bower. If you are interested to guest post in this blog, just head over to the Guest Post Guidelines.   Usually the first thing that catches someone’s eye, when they’re considering cloud storage, is that it’s enormously cost-effective. Whereas traditional data storage options, such as expensive backup servers and pricey […]

Megaupload Data Might Be Deleted By Tomorrow


As we all know, Megaupload was shutdown by FBI some weeks back and the latest news is, the data might be deleted as well. Probably to most people, Megaupload is the heaven of piracy because you can find lots of movies, games, series and many more. Deleting all those stuff is not really an issue […]