Some Security & Privacy Extensions For The Chrome Browser

Google Chrome

This is a guest post by Rebecca. If you are interested to guest post in this blog, just head over to the¬†Guest Post Guidelines. Google chrome web store comprises several extensions that help safeguard the system thoroughly by providing security and privacy while using chrome. Though the add-on ecosystem for google chrome consumed a longer […]

Fake Hotmail Email – Another Email Phishing Attack


I used to be a Hotmail user when I first encountered internet but made a switch over to Google Gmail after comparing the time to load both sites. Somehow, everything about Google is fast to me even their web browser, Google Chrome. Although I am no longer a Hotmail user, I still read news about […]

Google Chrome – An Awesome Browser for Security & Speed

Google Chrome

Google Chrome latest update is not only protecting you when you are browsing the internet, but also your downloads.

Certificate Authority Hacked, Google Faced MiTM Attack

gmail https

A Dutch Certificate Authority, DigiNotar was hacked and it puts users who attempt to access the Google service to be exposed in the Man in the Middle attack. Bad news is even is affected and the good news is that it is not globally spread where it only hit the country of Iran. Getting […]

Do You Let Your Web Browser to Remember Your Password?

web browser password

There are many types of web browser today such as Microsoft Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, and Safari. Each of the web browsers comes with their very own password management tool so that it can remember your username and password for a specific website and immediately uses them to log you in automatically […]

Pwn2Own: Safari & IE8 Hacked, Firefox & Chrome Stand Strong


Did you realize certain internet web browser of yours are being updated and patched recently? Well, everything happened for a reason. This is because Pwn2Own Contest already started and all the popular internet web browsers are taking this opportunity to update and patch their web browser for a better IT security. To those who are […]