Stealth Internet Tracking Practices Increase

For many of us the Internet is like a new pet, we love to play with it but sooner or later we know we are going to get bitten. We know that our digital footprint is being tracked and recorded, mined and sold many different ways, but many of us do not care, at least not […]

Do You Need Security Software for Your Mobile Devices?

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The use of mobile devices worldwide is growing exponentially year on year. More consumers are using smartphones and tablet computers to browse the internet as well as shop and bank online and so more personal information is accessed and shared than ever before. Unfortunately, this means more and more users are being exposed to malware, […]

Computer Security Suites: What to look for

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Cybercrime Cybercrime is everywhere. It affects businesses, domestic households and in many of the most high-profile cases governments as well. The cost to the UK economy alone of cybercrime is around £30 billion a year. The dangers to your business and to your home are serious and far-reaching. Bank accounts can be accessed and pilfered […]

Internet Security Basics

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Remember the simple days of Internet browsing, when you only occasionally emailed with your one relative that also had the Internet, and simple games of Oregon Trail were the best online entertainment available? Those first days of the Internet weren’t that long ago, so it is hard to believe that by the end of the […]

What You Need to Know About Your New Computer


You’ve finally decided to shell out for that PC that you’ve had your eye on. Your old one was just too slow, too bulky, and too outdated to do what you wanted and needed it to do, and now you have a new machine that’s virtually guaranteed to increase your productivity. Once you get the […]

Practicing Safety On The Internet

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Though the Internet has many benefits, it is necessary to take safety precautions. Businesses and individuals should do what is possible to ensure that personal information remains safe. The information below may help preserve privacy on the Internet in the long run. If a person requires further assistance, it is a fantastic idea to talk […]

AVG Internet Security 2013 Review


AVG Internet Security is one of the most preferred security suites which can effectively safeguard your PC against viruses and other trojan-ware. You can never brand it as being the perfect security suite, but it definitely doesn’t have those additional features that are completely irrelevant to your PCs security. The key focus lies in dealing […]

How to Protect your Mac from Hackers?


Do you think your Mac is secure? Are you sure your Mac is not a hacker’s target? The answer is not always an ‘Yes’. We do everything we can, to safeguard it from hackers. All versions of Mac’s security suite have a built-in firewall and many add-on apps like Brian Hill’s Flying Buttress 1.4 and […]

New Android Security App by Sophos


Today nearly any device, regardless of which platform it uses, can fall victim to a cell phone tracker and data can be stolen using tools such as a key logger. An increasing number of monitoring and spying apps feature a cell phone tracker service which usually functions through the GPS and nearly all on activity […]

Is Your Computer Infected? Beware Of Fake PC Repair System


Do you own your own PC or Laptop? Taking care of the device can be of paramount importance then. Keeping your machine healthy and up to date is the worry of any user. Machine infected with virus is the commonest sight that one encounters while working for quite a long time on computers.  There are […]