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Registry cleaner has become more and more popular these days. Regardless of IT security or Operating System performance, it is a necessity to clean up your registry the proper way. If you do not know which, what and how to clean your registry, probably you will just search for the best tool to perform this. In the market, there is free registry cleaner and paid registry cleaner. I always believe good things won’t come cheap, and this is what I experienced with some of the free registry cleaner.


Why Not Free Registry Cleaner?

There are couple of free registry cleaner out there and I do try out some of the free registry cleaner programs. You can’t really point your finger and immediately say that the free version of registry cleaner is not good. It is still something you can keep it as the arsenal of your pc optimization tools. The thing about free registry cleaner is that it has some cons that appear to be pretty inconvenience. The cons mentioned here are the inconveniences such as:


Backup and restore for the registry deleted usually is not provided.

If you accidentally deleted a registry that needed by your OS, you will need to re-install your OS to recover that registry.


Registry scanning can take forever or too much CPU resources or even both.

I had tried before a registry cleaner that hangs my entire OS and I was not able to do anything at that time.


Errors are not properly fixed despite displaying “All the errors had been fixed”.

In order to show the efficiency of the free registry cleaner, they will show the result that all errors are fixed. But if you re-scan your computer again, you will see similar errors prompt.


After running around with all these troubles, why not give a try to paid registry cleaner. The paid version of registry cleaner somehow manages to get rid of my problems with registry. On top of that, there are other value added functions that are not directly related to registry which I personally feel it is good to have. The paid version registry cleaner that I was mentioning all this while is the Registry Easy and below is what I found in their software.


Backup and Restore

The main reason Registry Easy comes into playing an important role is that it has backup and restore registry feature. You can back up your registry before performing any scan and this feature really make me feel much more comfortable before I attempt any fix for my registry that has errors. Apart from the backing up the registry, it also provides IE favourites backup and folders backup which might be vital to certain users.


Fast and Effective

The registry scanning is fast and effective in the way that it can fix all the registry error that it locates and also most of the corrupted DLL in your system. If you had tried other registry cleaner, you will know what I am trying to tell. The bottom line is, the scanning is fast and it can fix all the errors found effectively.



It has a start-up manager for you to manage your start-up programs. Not to say that this start-up manager is better than MSCONFIG, but now you just need one single program to do so many things. Managing start-up program is crucial as how fast your computer can start at operational level rely on how many programs you set during start-up. Instead of MSCONFIG, this registry cleaner can also help you to manage your start-ups.



Performance Boost

Registry Cleaner can also optimize your overall system performance. The areas that it will optimize are system performance, internet performance, and memory performance. With the registry being optimized and start-up programs are configured properly, there should not be any unused program executed behind.


Manage Your IE

This registry cleaner can helps you to manage your IE. It can boost your IE speed by removing unused browser plugins. Having a lot of unused plugin not only slow down your Internet Explorer loading speed, but also greatly expose yourself to internet Malware threat. Registry Easy can also restore your IE to the default state just in case your IE is corrupted.


More Tools

There are also a lot of tools that you can use from this single software such as ActiveX blocker, file splitter/joiner, file recovery, password recovery and also uninstall manager. These are all value added tool as blocking ActiveX can prevent a lot of Malware from reaching your system. The password recovery can also help you to recover your lost password. Lastly, it also provides a tool to completely uninstall your unused program without leaving a trail!


Registry Easy is one of the registry cleaner that you would want to try out. After all, it has 60 days money back guaranteed. It was downloaded more than 5 million times across 100 different countries and it is certain that this product is far better than the free registry cleaner and also better than most of the paid registry cleaner. If you are interested to try out this product, you can try out by downloading the program and run a free scan on your computer before purchasing it.

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