Internet Security Tips

Internet Security TipsInternet is the best place for you to get your resources and at the same time, it is also the most dangerous place.

Apart from all the valuable resources, the internet consists as well sites that host malicious software, phishing site that trap your online identity and also sites that spread virus and Trojan.

If you actually notice, the rate of cyber crime increased every year and hackers today not only hack system with poor security but also system with high security. But that doesn’t mean your internet life is in threat!

So, what you need here is the knowledge of internet security to keep you safe. Even though you have a super expensive antivirus protecting you, that doesn’t mean you can browse safely on the internet.

That is like going to war with a powerful weapon but no combat knowledge.

As a result, you need to know the fundamental of internet security at the minimum where you should know what you shouldn’t do.

Here is a series of 10 articles on internet security tips to boost up your security knowledge:

  1. How to ensure your online banking is secure
  2. How scanning your web browser ensure your internet security is strong
  3. How to detect and combat phishing attack
  4. Why you should not let your web browser to remember your password
  5. 10 ways to shop safely online
  6. Internet security tips for the teens and kids
  7. How to protect yourself from online identity theft
  8. Top 10 tips on internet security
  9. What are the popular online scams and how to avoid them
  10. How to secure your sensitive data online

About the AuthorAlan Tay is the owner and founder of IT Security Column.

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