Computer Security Tips

computer security tipsThe security of your computer completely your responsibility to ensure that it is secure from any threats.

People usually will only ask you to buy a good antivirus, keep scanning your computer and you will be secured. But in the real world, this is not the case.

Antivirus is just your assistant while you still take the lead to secure your computer. Whenever there is a threat detected, you are going to make the decision whether to keep or remove and not your antivirus.

So, don’t just rely on software too much because the leader of a threat, is not a software but a smart human being.

There are many things about computer security here and you really need to know some of the fundamental to computer security.

Here is the series of computer security tips which includes the antivirus tips, firewall tips and some basic stuff to computer security.

  1. How Often Should You Scan Your Computer for Malware?
  2. What is Computer Security?
  3. How to Tell Whether You Need a Paid Antivirus
  4. What is a Two-Way Firewall?
  5. Why Firewall When You Have Antivirus?
  6. 5 Free Online Security Tools That Everyone Must Know


About the Author: Alan Tay is the owner and founder of IT Security Column.

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