Comment Policy

IT Security Column has officially turned into a Do-Follow blog and every comments you make on each post, gives you a Do-Follow backlink to your site if you have any. The challenge of making the blog a Do-Follow is there will be a lot of low quality comments such as ‘Nice Post!’ or ‘Thanks for the Post!’ and many more. As a result, the comments will be heavily moderated and the administrator of this site has the right to edit any of your comment if they are found as low quality or spam. However. it is pretty easy for you to get started and enjoy the backlink from this site as long as you follow the policy to comment below. Should you have any problem with the policy below, you can contact me and tell me your problem so that we can work an ultimate solution which is best for everyone.

  1. Your name is required, not your keywords. The people around this blog want to know who you are. If you put your name as ‘SEO Tips’, it would be weird isn’t it if I call you “Hello SEO Tips!”. However, if your keywords is your name, that is perfectly fine for this blog.
  2. Your email is required but will not be exposed. The blog will further improve with ReplyMe plugin so that you can receive email when someone reply to your comment. Therefore, your email is safe with this blog.
  3. Your website is optional. If you don’t put your website there, you just don’t get the backlink to your site. You will still be able to comment as normal.
  4. Read the article before you comment. You are rewarded a backlink for reading the article so it is highly appreciated that you will finish reading the article and put a valuable comment there. You can also include links in the comment provided it is relevant to the topic.
  5. Your comment will be automatically approved. However it will be moderated after that and any problems with the comment will be edited or removed.
  6. This blog uses Gravatar and if you want to add an image to your comment profile, you can setup your image at the Gravatar site.
  7. Lastly if your comment does not appear, there is a possibility where it is caught by the Spam filter. Contact me and I shall release you from the Spam Filter.

That will be all for the Comment Policy. Thank you for reading and enjoy commenting on this blog.