25 Password That You Should Not Use…Not For Any Accounts


About a week ago, Splashdata released the 25 passwords that are commonly used by most people. According to the CEO, these data were collected from files containing millions of stolen passwords.

7 Biggest Risks from Not Using Internet Monitoring Software


If you are one of the millions of companies out there that do not monitor or restrict their employees’ Internet access, you’re probably thinking to yourself things like “my co-workers won’t do anything bad” or “our antivirus software is good enough” or even “what’s the worst that could happen?”. I wish it were that easy, […]

How Often Should You Scan Your Computer for Malware?

Credit: David Castillo Dominici

There isn’t any security text book or ‘Must Follow’ guide on how often you should get your computer scanned for Malware such as Virus, Trojan, and Worms. It is always good to scan as much as possible to ensure that your are safe from any infection. The situation where you need a scan need to […]

15 Reasons to Use Registry Cleaner to Clean Windows Registry

Windows Registry

Coming to the end of the series where I would like end it with a BANG of 15 reasons for you to clean your Windows Registry WITH a Registry Cleaner, preferably a paid one. There you go below. 1. Improves your PC performance. It is not a myth but true fact that cleaning up your registry […]

10 Ways to Get Your Computer Infected With Malware

no firewall

This entry is the last chapter of my URL Investigation and Prevention series and would like end this series with 10 ways on how you can get your computer infected with Malware. Usually a proper guide will be guiding an individual on how to prevent unwanted things. This entry is special because I want to […]

How to Investigate URL in Details to Prevent Internet Scam


The third chapter of URL investigation and prevention series will be on how to investigate URL in details to prevent internet scam. This chapter basically teaches you on how to deal with URL that sent to you carefully in order to avoid you from falling into the consequences of a dangerous URL. Everyday you receive […]

What is a Two-Way Firewall?

two-way firewall

Traditionally, a firewall with the technology 10 years ago is pretty simple and straight forward where it prevents attacker from entering your computer. Back then, Malware like Trojan, Virus, and Worms were not widely spread. That is a one-way firewall. In addition to that, they were also not so complicated in their functionality. If you still […]

Why Firewall When You Have Antivirus?

firewall antivirus

Before many people have the doubt to question about the difference between a firewall and an antivirus, they got both of them totally messed up. People usually assume an antivirus as  a firewall and it is very common today simply because paid antivirus comes with a firewall as well. Personally I was one of the […]

Do You Let Your Web Browser to Remember Your Password?

web browser password

There are many types of web browser today such as Microsoft Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, and Safari. Each of the web browsers comes with their very own password management tool so that it can remember your username and password for a specific website and immediately uses them to log you in automatically […]

7 Sure-Fire Ways to Have A Secure Email

secure email

It is always important to a secure email and this entry is basically a simple seven sure-fire ways to do it. With the rise of social network attack such as Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr has reminded us that we had left out one important piece which is to have a secure email. This guide is […]