How to Protect your Mac from Hackers?


Do you think your Mac is secure? Are you sure your Mac is not a hacker’s target? The answer is not always an ‘Yes’. We do everything we can, to safeguard it from hackers. All versions of Mac’s security suite have a built-in firewall and many add-on apps like Brian Hill’s Flying Buttress 1.4 and […]

How to Convert DVD to iPad/iPhone or Android Phone/Tablet


Do you have a very nice movie in DVD which you wanted to watch it on your iPad,iPhone, Android Phone or Tablet? Learn how to convert them step by step.

28 Types of Computer Security Threats and Risks

computer security threats

There are many types of computer security threats in this world. Some are pretty harmful while some are totally harmless although annoying. There are also some which does not do any damage to your computer, but has the capability to empty the numbers in your bank account. If you are really interested to find out […]

5 Free Online Security Tools That Everyone Must Know

Free Online Security Tools

Have you ever imagined the situation where you suddenly your antivirus is not working and you need some help to scan and remove some threat? Have you ever imagined as well when you are using a public computer but suddenly in need of some security tools which are only available in your computer? Have you […]

16 Free Online Virus Scanner to Scan Your Computer or File

Virus Scanner Online

A resourceful post on 16 free virus scanner online to scan your computer or certain suspicious file.

How to Remove Virus

how to remove virus

I had previously written about the symptoms of a computer infected with virus. In this post, I would like to extend my topic with a solution. The provided solution is a step by step guide on how to remove the infection from your computer which you suspected or detected from your antivirus scan. But before […]

10 Symptoms of a Computer Infected with Malware

computer hacked

Are you living in a perfect world? Your antivirus do not alarm you about any infections. Your firewall probably don’t even alarm you as well about intruders. Is this how you defined SAFE? If I were you, I would not. Personally, I had tried before having an infection without my antivirus (Avast antivirus at that […]

5 Reasons Why Even Home Users Need Data Backup Software

Genie Timeline Professional

Data backup is very important today where everyone saves their important data in their computer or external hard drive. 5 years ago, or even 10 years back, people backup their data by copying the important files from one hard drive to another. This no longer a common practice because in the world today, we have […]

How to Improve Your Web Security

web security

There are plenty of web security controls that can be implemented to prevent the risks created by web access. Below is a list of activities that will help improve an organization’s web security. Web Filtering Web filtering, while being a subset of web security, is in itself quite broad and there are various controls one […]