Megaupload Data Might Be Deleted By Tomorrow


As we all know, Megaupload was shutdown by FBI some weeks back and the latest news is, the data might be deleted as well. Probably to most people, Megaupload is the heaven of piracy because you can find lots of movies, games, series and many more. Deleting all those stuff is not really an issue […]

Kaspersky Scores the Highest Rating in AV Test


Kaspersky Internet Security 2012 once again did not let the existing users down by scoring the highest rating in the recent AV Test – Product Dynamic Testing by AV Comparatives. This round of testing is based on the summarized result since August 2011 till November 2011 and more than 10 antivirus product were used. Kaspersky […]

Fake Hotmail Email – Another Email Phishing Attack


I used to be a Hotmail user when I first encountered internet but made a switch over to Google Gmail after comparing the time to load both sites. Somehow, everything about Google is fast to me even their web browser, Google Chrome. Although I am no longer a Hotmail user, I still read news about […]

Google Chrome – An Awesome Browser for Security & Speed

Google Chrome

Google Chrome latest update is not only protecting you when you are browsing the internet, but also your downloads.

Microsoft Tamed the BEAST and 7 Other Security Fixes


Microsoft’s January patch fixed the famous BEAST SSL issue which affects most TLS 1.0 encryption. The patch also fixes 7 other Windows Security issues.

Facebook CEO – Mark Zuckerberg is Giving Away Free iPad and iPhone


Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg is giving away free iPhone and iPad via email and only selected individuals will win…is it for real?

Even The Experts Use Weak Password

data breach

If you had noticed, the website of Stratfor Global Intelligence was breached back in the end of 2011 where 200 GB of data were stolen during the hack. Those stolen data which consists of passwords, and credit cards were published on public. Security experts pull out those stolen data and use some automated password cracking […]

Internet Explorer is to Start Upgrading Automatically

internet explorer

Finally, Microsoft had decided to perform an update to your IE web browser automatically unless you block it. What does this idea sounds like? Google Chrome!

Top 5 Malware for Android Users


Android security is one of the main concern to all Android users. Whenever there is a comparison in the security point of view is made between Apple and Android, people will go for Apple for stronger security. Although there are beginning to have more threats for Apple user, but still not much of threat around. […]

Fake Antivirus Back to Business Again – Fake Cloud AV 2012


We had been hearing fake antivirus especially during Mac Malware spreading spree where plenty of Mac users were affected with the scam. All the fake antivirus thing were sort of disappeared over the last quarter and now, PandaLabs had just encountered one fake antivirus in the market. The name of this fake antivirus is called […]