White House Appoints McAfee CTO to Cybersecurity Post

The Obama administration officially selected a senior executive from McAfee to be the Department of Homeland Security’s top cybersecurity official. Phyllis Schneck, a vice president and CTO for the public sector at McAfee, a unit of Intel, will start in early September as the deputy undersecretary for cybersecurity, a DHS official said. Homeland Security takes a leading […]

Woman Files $5 Million Lawsuit against LinkedIn for Security Breach

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Katie Szpyrka of Illinois filed a lawsuit in the U.S. District Court in Northern California against the professional networking website LinkedIn. She has sued the company for a security breach after the company announced that hackers had stolen 6.5 million user passwords. She is seeking class-action status for the lawsuit. The hackers published the passwords […]

LinkedIn Password Security Issue – Change Your Password Now


If you are a LinkedIn user, it is highly recommended for you to change your password due to the previous password storage security. Whether your LinkedIn password is stolen or compromised or not, it is not important because the previous method of storing the password in the database is not very secure. I’m not saying […]

Billions lost by mobile companies through fraud and error


A new report on the effects of mobile phone fraud and error that was published by Juniper Research has found that many mobile phone companies, manufacturers and operators are losing incredibly vast amounts of their revenue every single year, due to a combination and culmination of fraud and errors mainly in the billing process.

Top Mobile Security Company Announces 2012 Threat Predictions & New Features for Tablet Security

mobile security

This is a guest post by Lauren Bailey. If you are interested to guest post in this blog, just head over to the Guest Post Guidelines.   Lookout Mobile Security has been named among the best in the business, according to PC World, CNET, Business Insider, TechCrunch and LAPTOP Magazine. The award-winning Lookout app protects mobile devises […]

The Experts Say Antivirus Investment is a Waste of Money

antivirus investment

On one fine day, when I was on my regular web browsing reading regular themed stories, I came across one of the stories from wired.com where the headline says something about antivirus investment. That story caught my eye and I begin to immediately click on it and read what it has to say about this. I […]

Why 4G iPad reportedly slated to be sold by Verizon and AT&T

apple icloud

This guest post is written by Olivia Kane for the Guest Blogging Competition. If you are interested to participate and win $70 cash and some cool products, just head over to the contest page.   The Wall Street Journal is reporting that the soon-to-be-released iPad 3 will be compatible with 4G LTE technology supported by […]

Genie Timeline Professional is now at $10?

Genie Timeline Professional

Yes, I am not wrong. Genie Timeline Professional 2, the backup software which I highly recommends is not priced at only $10 instead of the regular price $59.95. So should you get it right away? Be patient You need to know what you are doing so the first thing you need to do, is to […]

Microsoft AV Owned Google.com


Google.com, the world most visited site, or at least second most visited site for certain countries is being flagged by the Microsoft AV as Blacole Malware. This issue only happened not long after Microsoft released one of their latest security patches about few days back. Not every user will have this sort of experience as […]

Recent AV Test Shows That Kaspersky is Worth Paying

Kaspersky Internet Security

Kaspersky products are famous for being expensive and NOT GIVING any discounts even on seasonal period such as Thanksgiving day and Christmas. All these cons have a reason and the reason is Kaspersky is really worth to pay. In this AV test, 5 antivirus were used which are Kaspersky Internet Security 2012, AVG Antivirus Free […]