How to Protect Yourself from a Phishing Scam


Phishing is obtaining financial or otherwise confidential information from Internet users without their consent. It’s been reported that about 45% of the online community has unknowingly submitted their login information to phishing sites. Here are the top three types of information phishing scammers take from their victims: Usernames/passwords Credit card numbers Social Security numbers It’s […]

Have Data Recovery Virus, Follow This Healing Guide

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Data Recovery virus is rouge software to fool your computer and to easily hunt for the confidential information such as bank account details, email ID & passwords etc. Whenever data recovery virus attacks to your system, you may found a bunch of pop hard drive error messages and asks you to fix them immediately by […]

How to “Delete” the Right Way: IT Solutions for Making Sure Your Files Are Really Erased

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When it comes to IT, data security is paramount. No business wants to have its corporate files leaked to hackers, the press, or competitors. Home users are just as concerned, especially when they upgrade to a new computer and must decide what to do with the old one. Deleting your data before you toss a […]

How to safely share files over the internet?


Have you ever wondered how a program that you haven’t downloaded got into your PC? Well, you didn’t download it deliberately but might have been a bit careless when you were sharing files. One of the instances when hackers get access to your PC is when you don’t pay enough attention to file sharing settings. […]

How Security System Protect Your Business

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Statistics record from United Nations shows that the proportional relation between robbery and the total crime incidence around the world is an alarming .5 percent division, which means that almost half of the amount are cases of theft and burglary – most of which are implemented in business entities such as banks and stores. Robbers, […]

How to Protect your Mac from Hackers?


Do you think your Mac is secure? Are you sure your Mac is not a hacker’s target? The answer is not always an ‘Yes’. We do everything we can, to safeguard it from hackers. All versions of Mac’s security suite have a built-in firewall and many add-on apps like Brian Hill’s Flying Buttress 1.4 and […]

How to Choose an Effective Antivirus Software


Not only is a computer without antivirus software susceptible to attacks, it’s more than likely affected already.  Every day, new malware, spyware, Trojans, and worms make their first appearance into cyberspace.  Such threats are specially designed to slip past common security measures and pose as surprise attacks on your PC. How Virus Protection Has Improved […]

How to Prevent Social Engineering Attacks

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This post is about social engineering. It will cover some of the dangers of social engineering and focus more on what a corporation or a company can do to help better prepare their employees for those kinds of situations. Security Awareness Training The most important and something we don’t do enough is the basic security […]

How to Restrict Your Child’s Cell Phone Usage

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This is a guest post by MobShield. If you are interested to guest post in this blog, just head over to the Guest Post Guidelines.   A few years back, parents were worried about the child using computer and had faced it boldly by several control and monitoring efforts. The world is changing and evolving very quickly […]

How to Configure Wildcard SSL in IIS-7 (Internet Information Services)


This is a guest post by Alice Freriksen. If you are interested to guest post in this blog, just head over to the Guest Post Guidelines.   Internet information service (IIS) let you to engage one site on each IP address which using port 443 for SSL certificate. After issue of SSL certificate, you have to install […]