Collecting Employee Data without Invasion of Privacy

By Brooke Chloe Research has shown that businesses which make use of data driven decision making, big data and predictive analysis tend be competitive and have higher returns than their counterparts. This is why some of the biggest companies constantly want to obtain more data from consumers as well as employees. However monitoring employees and […]

How a DNS Sinkhole Can Protect Against Malware

The Domain Name Service (DNS) is an integral part of Internet access. It translates human-recognized domain names into computer-readable IP addresses in order to facilitate online communication and connection between devices. Occasionally, an individual or enterprise needs to find a way to control certain aspects of Internet connections in order to maintain a safe and […]

Biometrics for Securing ‘Big Data

“Already there has been the massive plastic card data theft in South Korea, affecting about 60 million cards; the Target Corp. credit card disaster involving up to 40 million customers; the hacking of 16 million German e-mail accounts; data security breaches at Nieman Marcus Inc. and Easton-Bell Sports Inc.; and a group of Russian hackers […]

How To Avoid a Business Data Breach

By Amanda Martin For business owners, part of the risk that is encountered daily is breach of data. It is a hazard that can easily cost you a lot of money plus the loss of your customers’ trust. There are so many ugly situations that can occur like a lawsuit if your customers’ confidential information […]

Dropbox Alternatives for Security, Affordability & Collaboration

A revolutionary change has been brought in the world of “exchanging information” by companies such as Dropbox. Small business enterprises have derived the most benefit from the abundance of Dropbox features, regardless of their geographic boundaries. Can, Dropbox be credited for the flourishing growth of these small businesses? Quite possibly, and read on for some […]

Why CyberBunker Was Blacklisted By Spamhaus


Recently we witnessed the real power of cyber-attacks when the anti-spam organization Spamhaus was hit by a number of large-scale distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks, which not only brought down their own website temporarily, but also a caused a widespread disruption across the Internet. The DDoS attacks flooded targeted websites with extraordinary amounts of […]

IT Consulting Companies Turn to the Cloud for Antivirus Solutions

By Deepika Dhatia These days, everything is moving to the cloud, from picture storage to sales databases and from email to software. Oftentimes, small and medium-sized businesses find they can get more done with less hassle (and often with less investment) by seeking a cloud-based solution. For this reason, many IT consulting companies recommend cloud-based […]

Top Malware Threats of 2013

Cybersecurity. We now know the numbers. The war on cybercrime continues for most organizations and especially their IT departments and CISOs. The total number of Computer viruses, trojans and web attacks is growing at their fastest pace in four years. In its recent quarterly “Threats Report”, McAfee said that it had found more than 8 […]

Remodeling and Home Security

Is it time to spruce up the ol’ house? Are you thinking of a complete remodel? Just want to update that dilapidated kitchen? Either way, indicators of a remodel (contractors working, sounds of tools, open structures covered by tarps, etc.), are prime clues burglars use to target your home when it’s most vulnerable. Regardless of […]

Access to Corrupted OST files in Minutes. Know How.

Talking about MS Outlook OST files, the best aspect that I always admire about them is it empowers you to carry out offline work very effectively. In fact, it facilitates you to work offline and then synchronize the file once the Exchange server is connected. However, while you work offline with Outlook, it doesn’t mean […]