Dear Advertiser

First of all, thank you for viewing this page. If you are interested to know why you want to advertise here, you can refer to the page ‘Why Advertise Here?‘ to learn about the statistic of this site. Before reading any further, I only accept Paypal as the payment method and all the rates are in USD. If you have already done viewing my statistic and agree with the payment method, let’s get down to business now.

Advertise Space

(125×125) on the right-side bar (6 spots)

In total, there are six spots to be sold and the price are stated in BuySellAds. If you would like some special request in your advertisement that BuySellAds is not able to cope, do contact me and we will work things out.

Newsletter Advertisement

Tell me your idea and I will craft a newsletter for you to be sent to my subscribers. I will be sending newsletter via MailChimp and I will only do Newsletter Advertisement once a month. Below are the advertisement fee and my terms:

  • Charging method: Count per UNIQUE click over 21 days after the newsletter is sent. Report will be send to advertiser as proof.
  • Price: $1.00 per click
  • Maximum allowed link: 1
  • Deposit: $10.00 (Required and will be refund if total clicks are less than that)

Sponsored Review

Often, I get request for products to be reviewed. Due to the amount of request that I am getting, I decided to do a sponsored review with some fee. Before reading further, you can check out my latest review on how I usually review a product. If you are still into it, below are my fee and terms:

  • Provide me with all the necessary items for me to experience the product. (e.g. activation key)
  • Allow me 4-5 days to complete the product review (include writing)
  • Price: $50 per review

Note: All advertisement links from IT Security Column are “nofollow”!

Contact Me if  you need any further assistance.