Signs Your Website is the Target of an Automated Attack

With virtual world becoming our favorite past time, automated attacks are bound to erupt. The world around us is becoming automated, not leaving behind hackers who are also now using automated tools to attack your website.

Hackers can disrupt your site functionality with minimum effort even before you realize. And what’s more, easy availability of rented servers makes their lives easier. Here are some tips for you to find ways and block automated attacks and do away with malicious traffic.

1. Record IP addresses

IP address is the key to any malicious attacks anytime anywhere. In this respect, whenever any automated attack is recognized or detected, by any means you can record the IP address.

This can further help you to blacklist addresses from the source IP address. Not only it helps you to reduce malevolent web traffic but also prevent any future automated attacks.

Research conducted by Imperva’s team made it evident that any programmed attack from a unique IP address usually originates from a single address typically for three to five days. But nonetheless, some IP addresses continue to be the source of such attacks for months.

Therefore if you decide to record the IP addresses as a precautionary measure, this will also help you to curb future attacks.

2. Beware of hacker techniques

Imperva has also suggested that automated attacks can also be identified at the rate at which incoming requests arrive. The measuring aspect here is that a normal visitor generates HTTP requests every five seconds.

On the contrary, automated attacking tools generate seventy requests per minute, this means about one request per second. And you know that humans do not have the capacity to work that fast. However remember not all attacks are malicious.

While Google search also indexes your site over search results to send potential relevant customers to your webpage, and seldom are proxies the source of high traffic or it could also be a result of many users at the same moment. But also understand that hackers can be smarter too.

They tend to push or slow down the tool deliberately to appear genuine orr could also be attacking other sites simultaneously.

3. Analyze your traffic records

Analyzing your traffic records can help you understand some abnormal patterns. For instance specific strings as part of SQL fragments that are used in SQL injection help in identifying a particular tool at work.

Usually tools perform actions based on codes and therefore there is a limited range of things that they can perform or do. You might also want to inspect the source code of a tool, if available. You might also want to focus on the geographies of your traffic.

For instance, if you own a small food chain in Italy, why would you get heavy traffic from China? Though remember readings of an increased number of hits from distant areas is not alone a proof of automated attacks, but in combination of other warning signs may prove to be beneficial at times.


You need to start thinking beyond the obvious while trying to solve mysteries of unusual high end traffic for a better security.

While there could be some obvious and practical reasons, beware that hackers will always try to make and pose everything normal. Some of the automated tools like sqlmap, Havji or NetSparker are favorites amongst hackers. A little caution can help you stay away from these attacks.


About The author: Margaret Jules is an internet marketer/blogger. She loves travelling, meeting new peoples and SEO Services. These days she is working on feature that is related to SEO Morpheus that has affected due to recent Google and penguin update.

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  1. Aditya says:

    Frequent analysis of the traffic records on our site should be tracked and overlooked to know from which site one is getting traffic.It can help to know if there is any SQL injection or not.
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    Keep your Knowledge up-to-date about viruses.It make you serious and give the attention about some new viruses.
    sometime ago my system was infected by virus named “claro:search”. it make me some problem but after reading some article on i got the up-to-date can help you.
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