Monitoring your Employees to Enhance Business Productivity

Optimizing the performance of every individual unit in order to increase the overall performance of the group is the sign of a great leader.  The same rule applies for a good boss too, who wants to ensure that his employees give in their best efforts, which can in turn take the firm to new heights of success.

The only problem in achieving this is that employees, whichever country/domain/age-group they belong to, have a general tendency to ignore official work and get glued to websites like Youtube, Facebook, or GTalk.

The worst part about this is that the employees do not have anything to lose but what suffers instead is the output of your firm. Therefore, in order to achieve better productivity and to enhance workmanship in your organization, it is important to monitor the activities of your employees.

This article will tell you how to monitor your employees discretely. [Read: 7 Biggest Risks from Not Using Internet Monitoring Software]

Employee Monitoring Software

The best way to monitor your employee discretely is by using a professional employee desktop  monitoring software.  A good monitoring tool can help the employers to keep an eye on their employees’ activities and find out how much time are they actually giving to fruitful activities and how much of professional hours are simply being wasted.

An array of good PC monitoring software is available in the market that can help the employers not only in keeping a firm eye on every possible detail, but it will also provide them with factual evidence and hence they do not have to rely on any rumors and rambling.

The best part about these employee monitoring software is that they can be installed remotely on the target computer and it is impossible to detect them as they are not visible on Task Manager, Process list or in Add/Remove Programs list.

Once installed on the target computer, you can have a LIVE view of their desktop and thus you can track the amount of time they spend working and the time they spend procrastinating.

Enhance Security that Comes as Added Benefit

Having a LIVE view of your employees’ desktop can have much more benefits than what you can initially think of. Keeping a track of user activities and increasing productivity is merely one façade of it.

In fact it has a much bigger role in enhancing endpoint security. It can further help in malware protects, preventing misuse of organizational assets, and enforcement of policies. This will prevent any sort of compromise with confidential business information and avoid any form of secret trading.

Not only large organizations, but even small organizations can install the live desktop viewing software with tracking facilities to shield the systems and to ensure that company’s resources are being used in compliance with system policies.

The best part is that budget can hardly be a constrain in this case as a lot of affordable employee monitoring tools are available in the market. [Read: How Important Is Employee Monitoring And Controlling Internet Usage In The Workplace?]

Precaution is Important

While monitoring the activities of the employees, the firm should ensure that it should be a small part of the total business enhancement strategy.

Remember, merely keeping an eye on employees’ activities will not increase the profit overnight. Monitoring of employees is a sensitive matter and must be handled with proper precautions.

No one likes to be spied and your company’s policies should be defined very clearly before implementing the monitoring software. If used properly, employee desktop monitoring software can help in enhancing productivity as well as in the formulation of a secure and trustworthy workforce that has the potential to take your firm to new heights in the long run.


About Author: Steve is a technology reviewer and has deep interest in blogging and exploring various new technical topics like employee desktop monitoring software etc.

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  1. Neal Winston says:

    Really i salute to your creating power. Now the world dependent on the technology and you’re the great representative of it’s. So, thanks for sharing and wish your success.

  2. Aditya says:

    Organization totally depends on their employees for productivity.The more work employees do the productive an organization will be.And for that motivation plays an important role to get things work.Monitoring the employees will create a sense of fear and also responsibility among them to perform better and in time which directly affect the productivity.
    Aditya recently posted..ERP Software DelhiMy Profile

  3. Bhushan

    Monitoring your employee is good because it can enhance your business.if you are going good then it make you at top and if you have set on top then it can set you at top forever…
    Bhushan recently posted..Travel Software Development api integrationMy Profile

  4. Richa from bali thatch huts says:

    Monitoring employees is a sensitive thing and needs to be done in a proper manner or it may have negative effects.

    • Steve Smith says:

      Richa, I agree with you. The specialty of this tool is that you can track employees’ PC remotely without knowing them.Even employees can’t see this software after installing it on their PCs.

  5. Aayna from Executive coaching Brisbane says:

    It is indeed very significant on the part of the employer to keep a check on the employees with a motive to enhance the productivity of the employees as well as the company. But the caution factor here is that the levels of monitoring should be done in a controlled limit. The monitoring software can be a sure-fire way in this direction. Thanks for this informative share.

  6. Abhishek from executive search says:

    well, these monitoring softwares looks really useful but arent they very expensive?

    • Alan Tay says:

      Not too sure over about the price but if it is a niche one, shouldn’t be cheap.

      Are you looking to monitor your employees?

    • Steve Smith says:


      The cost of this employee desktop live viewer tool is not fixed. Its cost depends upon the number of employees you want to monitor.

  7. Shane says:

    It is indeed very significant on the allotment of the consumer to conserve an assure the employees with a cause to improve the productivity attendantly for them as well as the business. However the advise agent here exists that the categories of monitoring should be acted in a commanded edge.
    Shane recently posted..Putra FM 90.7 Malaysia Radio OnlineMy Profile

  8. Joy from seo agency says:

    Hi Steve, thanks for making this recommendation, the good thing about it is the fact that it can be done discretely so as not to offend anyone in while carrying out the initiative. It’s true though that we must not focus on this endeavor solely.

  9. Kristine from Bankruptcy Lawyer Monsey says:

    As employees, it is our duty and obligation to uphold the standards of the company we are working for by behaving appropriately. Monitoring the productivity of employees is truly beneficial especially when done discretely but should also be supplemented with incentives, coaching and proper evaluation. I hope that more employers will consider the value of employee engagement, there is almost, always an underlying reason for slacking off because of being demotivated.

  10. Dipa from resilience training says:

    Rightly put: this is a sensitive issue albeit an important one. Live desktop photographs every few minutes should discourage many of my friends who are Facebooking in their office hours!

    • Steve Smith says:

      Hi Dipa,

      Yes, live desktop screen shots might discourage your friends if they use FB excessively during office hours. 🙂

  11. Fatima from Twitter for business says:

    Monitoring employees through such software can be tricky but if handled well it can work to the advantage to businesses and towards employee productivity. At the time of orientation, employees should be informed that all their activity is monitored by a centralised unit, which would be your software. Thanks for the useful share

  12. Cameron White from Global Trade Connect says:

    Well, I agree with you. The specialty of this tool is that you can track employees’ PC remotely without knowing them.Thanks

  13. Bert Leen says:

    I am giving you great thanks for this article author for very useful knowledge sharing. I like the way of increasing productivity using Kernel for Employee Desktop Live Viewer software. This tool not use to be enhance the productivity also secure the important data of computer systems.

  14. Kimberly says:

    Great points on having an employee monitoring software, Steve.

    It is indeed essential for most businesses nowadays considering a lot of employees are wasting a significant amount of productive time. It was even harder for us since we have been outsourcing jobs to people from the other side of the world whom we do not see physically.

    We implemented this software: – It’s not obtrusive. It accurately tracks everyone’s work and gives us an analytics of everyone’s workday. Everyone knows they are monitored and there is full disclosure as to the extent of what is being monitored. This worked well for us. It has even increased our productivity!

  15. Emilia from Printing management software says:

    Thanks for raising this concern, Steve. My previous employer personally checks our activities remotely and I must say that he really instilled discipline among us quite effectively. On the other hand, he also provided us with laptops that we can use for recreation during lull periods. Productivity is truly an important factor in making any business thrive.

  16. CBhushna from AG Infosoft says:

    Thanks and Another idea for increasing productivity is to make lists a part of your everyday routine. For example, every morning make a list of all the things you need to do that day. As the day progresses, mark off each task and add new ones as they come up

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