Is Your Computer Infected? Beware Of Fake PC Repair System

Do you own your own PC or Laptop? Taking care of the device can be of paramount importance then. Keeping your machine healthy and up to date is the worry of any user.

Machine infected with virus is the commonest sight that one encounters while working for quite a long time on computers.  There are many such antivirus out there which promise to keep your machine safe, just like the Vipre Antivirus, Bitdefender, you name it.

But one should be aware of fake PC repair system software.


How it is responsible in fooling people

Fake PC repair system software shows its first signs of inception by window popup alerts with familiar names like “Security-tool” or “Antivirus-XP 2010” alerting the user that his computer has been moved from under the safety of the antivirus to being infected by some dangerous threat or virus whose remedy or files to remove the threat is not contained within the installed package of software giving the user a worry to lose important data.

Then a click is prompted, upon clicking on which the scan would start online. The virus is found by the company’s software for companies like Vipre Antivirus, fake PC repair software whose link has been clicked upon and then typically for a fee of about $50 or so, the company in turn assures the virus to be cleaned up totally from the computer.

What really keeps going on is that when the link has been clicked upon on the advent of the computer being attacked by some virus, this company then installs the malware or the malicious software into the system and then tries to clean the system up.

But these thieves tend to misuse the credit card number given to them on trust of cleaning out the system from virus and the computer is finally left alone on life support only.

Moreover, the shocking fact is that they would not cleanup the system from the infected virus in anyway helpful.


The wider picture

There are many such “Scareware” or a fake repair system software across the internet, which misuse the trust of the users who believingly click on them and fake software like this have been estimated to the ones which are most costly in terms of Internet Scam in the year of 2010.

Affecting over a million users all across the globe daily by misusing their trusts in different ways, they are a potential threat to all those who use computers online or are not that clever enough to get off with the virus scuffle and give in by providing their credit card numbers or other bank details.

Director of security and research at McAfee Labs, Dave Marcus claims it to be a very clever way as people for the last 20 years have been told to protect themselves from computer viruses. These also fool computer veterans.


A victim’s story

Stevie Wilson, a social-media business consultant and a blogger remembers an incident where he was told that he had wrongly downloaded a virus and the pop up looked very formal; the type people usually see when they are using an antivirus.

The software scanned to find forty Trojan viruses, horses and worms. She had a concern for his E-mails and decided to pay these fake antivirus companies. After rebooting the computer, it stopped working right away.

The hard drive needed to be wiped out clean and everything had to be reinstalled in place to resume working wasting precious time and energy. All her personal photos and hundreds of music files were lost.


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  1. Aditya says:

    I have tested many anti virus softwares to check whether they are worth it or not,and i found out that Quick heal is the worst.i have to Format my system so that my system gets on the wheel again to roll on.
    Aditya recently posted..Online Mobile Recharge Software NoidaMy Profile

  2. Bhushan

    Firstly you should not depend on repairing.I think this is not mostly worth technique. You should have a good Antivirus rather then this.Some of antivirus are good and services are also too good.
    Bhushan recently posted..Computer Inventory SoftwareMy Profile

  3. anshul says:

    your computer can be infected in any time so in my view we must use the antivirus software which is best and it is updatting regularly.
    thanks to joining this blog.
    anshul recently posted..Online Banking SoftwareMy Profile

  4. kangtopjer

    i think AVG Internet Security still the best free antivirus for now,

  5. Tan

    I has been cheated by fake Fake PC Repair System at least once I think. I accidentally click on an ad and anti virus does not do it duty to prompt me.
    Tan recently posted..Customer Service Skills: How to Deal with a Difficult Customer – 6 best remedies explained!My Profile

  6. Peter Lee

    I got conned once too. Some pop-ups kept telling me my system was infected and asked me to purchase some AV that promised to remove the virus. I bought it and yes, it turned out that there wasn’t any AV software at all and the pop-ups still show. I quickly called my credit card issuer to cancel the purchase(lucky me that this worked) and I have to use the old traditional way to get rid of the virus, format my hard drive that is!
    Peter Lee recently posted..Where Computer Viruses LurkMy Profile

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