How to safely share files over the internet?

Have you ever wondered how a program that you haven’t downloaded got into your PC? Well, you didn’t download it deliberately but might have been a bit careless when you were sharing files.

One of the instances when hackers get access to your PC is when you don’t pay enough attention to file sharing settings. File sharing includes both sharing your files with others and receiving files from others.

Taking measures to share your files safely is as important as installing anti-virus software.


Tips for downloading files safely:

  1. Beware of bundleware. Bundleware is a program which includes two or more programs bundled into one package. Most people don’t pay much attention to the freebies and thus let spyware enter their PCs though they could have prevented it well ahead.
  2. Today, free software is as common as salt is to our tables. Consider downloading freeware with suspicion. It is better than waking up some day to find that your PC has been hacked.
  3. Install software or any other applications only after making sure that your antispyware and antivirus applications are running.
  4. Download programs only from the owner’s or an authorized reseller’s website. This can save you a lot of trouble in the future.


Tips for sharing your files safely:

The file sharing program which is installed in your PC by default is not a safe means of file sharing. You need to get equipped with safer programs to share files safely. Some ways to share your files safely are,

  • P2P software
  • Remote Control Software
  • FTP
  • Online storing


P2P software:

Commonly known as peer-to-peer software, this type of software is widely used to share files. You need to clearly understand how it works and the settings which allow access to your files before you start using it.

Store files with your personal information and the files to be shared in different locations to be on the safe side. Creating separate user accounts for everyone who uses the software is advisable.

Many people think that closing the window closes the program, but they are wrong. You have to disconnect the software to completely stop further access.


Remote Control Software:

Learn about the security settings of your remote control software before installing it. Check if you have customized the settings such that only the files you want to share are accessible.

Another thing you have to do if you’re using remote control software is checking the logs regularly. Most software create logs automatically when someone connects to your PC.

Therefore, checking the logs frequently is necessary to know of any unauthorized file sharing.


FTP Programs:

FTP programs are a good way to share files securely but not always. To make it safer, use FTP proxy on firewalls. By using an FTP proxy, you will make your PC less vulnerable to hackers.

Some of the best FTP programs available in the market include FileZilla, cURL, JFTP, and so on. Free software is good but consider purchasing paid software if you are sharing extremely confidential information.


Online Storage Websites:

There are many websites offering storage services. Store your files on those websites and share them rather than letting others access your PC directly.

Use hidden shares whenever possible so that the others on the network won’t know what files you are sharing. It adds to the protective measures you’ve already taken.

Sharing files over the Internet is inevitable but sharing them safely is possible if you follow these ways.


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  1. anshul says:

    this is informative article.i like all of the tips of how to downloading the file and sharing the file but i prefer most FTP is the best way to sharing the file.however all of the tips are best.
    thanks for the suggestion and advice to us.
    anshul recently posted..Online Banking SoftwareMy Profile

  2. Aditya says:

    Sharing files of my system with other users is the one thing i am not going to do.If their is a need of sharing and getting access to the files i prefer them to share only with those whom i can trust but if something would still want to gain access to my files then having a secure network is the only choice left.And for that i prefer VPN networks.
    Aditya recently posted..Manufacturing ERP Software ProvidersMy Profile

  3. Emilia from portable building says:

    Thanks for these pointers, I often find myself sharing files to my colleagues via dropbox. These are great precautionary measures that we must take to ensure that our files and our computers are protected completely from hackers and malware.

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