How to Protect your Mac from Hackers?

Do you think your Mac is secure? Are you sure your Mac is not a hacker’s target? The answer is not always an ‘Yes’. We do everything we can, to safeguard it from hackers.

All versions of Mac’s security suite have a built-in firewall and many add-on apps like Brian Hill’s Flying Buttress 1.4 and Intego’s NetBarrier X4 to protect your computer from hackers.

But the question that remains is, do these apps and firewall really protect your Mac? You are bound to get an answer in the negative. Even advanced security mechanisms do not assure optimal protection.

We also need to keep in mind that Mac computers have had security issues in the past.

While hackers are coming up with different techniques to crack Mac’s security, do you think your Mac is hacker-proof? Will these add-on apps secure your Mac?

In such cases, how do you think you can protect your Mac from hackers? Protecting your Mac is indeed an easy task, if you follow these simple steps.

  • Firmware Password: The firmware password of Apple is an important tool in making Mac secure. The firmware password is disabled by default. It prevents anyone from booting your Mac or reformatting your hard disk. Try using a unique password, created with numbers, letters and a combination of symbols that can work effectively. Using a keychain (different from the firmware password) is also advisable. Do remember to regularly change your passwords.
  • FileVault: Now it’s easy to protect the entire hard drive with Apple’s encryption solution. FileVault is a built-in solution that runs on OS X Lion or higher versions. You will require Recovery HD on your Mac. FileVault encrypts all the files and applications on the hard drive. Whenever you log on to your Mac, the password will unlock your user account and the hard drive. If anybody tries to use your Mac, files can’t be accessed without the password.
  • Firewall: Setting up a Firewall on your computer can prevent intruders from accessing your files. Mac computers have built-in preconfigured Firewall that will protect it from unauthorized users (especially hackers). Make sure you have set the firewall to fulfill your needs.
  • Automatic Logins: When it comes to automatic logins, it’s better to turn ‘off’ this feature. Even though this feature can be convenient at home, it’s not usually recommended. The main drawback with this feature is that the username and password is not required to login, when you start your Mac computer. It automatically logs in to the previous session when you boot. This makes it possible for anybody accessing your Mac to view your personal documents.
  • Software updates: It’s necessary to regularly check for software updates. I would suggest you to update your Mac whenever Apple security updates are available. Check manually for updates, if there aren’t any alerts. You can try downloading them from the Apple iTunes store. You can also check for updates on other websites.

Check for the website’s reliability, before you download. Pirated software and cracks are usually the sources of malware and viruses. It’s better to always download stuff from trustworthy websites.

Apart from this, the other means of safeguarding your Mac include: opening files only from known sources, and using a good antivirus suite. These simple tips will certainly secure your Mac.


About the Author: This is a guest post by Jena Branch. She is a writer from and writes more about digital cable and high speed internet. You can get more information if you go to this link.

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  1. anshul says:

    great tips for secure your mac computers.and you defined well about these thanks for the suggestion and the advice to secure your mac computer from hackers.
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  2. Aditya says:

    I am using FileVault to protect my files.Although i don’t use my Mac frequently for online work.For that i have another Notebook and it has Panda Anti virus in it.
    Aditya recently posted..ERP Software CompaniesMy Profile

  3. Jack

    I don’t use mac computers but I think here are very great tips to secure this type of computers.I think automatic update of software’s are good in computers and Some time ago i read somewhere about this type of software named “Secunia”. It is also a very good option.
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  4. Richa from nyc tax attorney says:

    These are great tips to protect mac. These days security has become a serious issue now due to hackers. Thanks for the share.

  5. Mark Ackleys says:

    Get superior protection for your Mac computer with Hotspot Shield VPN ( ) It is a custom internet security software for Mac that protects you from online identity theft, web spies and hackers.

  6. abhishek from Bankruptcy Lawyer Monsey says:

    Hackers have really made it important now to keep your mac with full security. These are great tips you have shared here. I am not a Mac user but a friend of mine is, will surely share this with him.

  7. Lee says:

    Having my computer hacked always worries me. Not that there is anything of real value on it . But it is all my personal stuff photos etc that I just don’t want messed about with. Why people find the need to hack I don’t know. I think if caught they should have the key thrown away once they are locked up.

    Great tips thanks lee

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