How to achieve maximum protection with Bitdefender Total Security

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Find out how you can achieve maximum protection using the Bitdefender Total Security 2013

I had been wondering why the Bitdefender Total Security is such a hot antivirus on most of the review sites which I found. Since one of my antivirus is going to expire soon, I decided to take a walk with the latest Bitdefender Total Security 2013 on trial.

After weeks of trying, I decided to go with this security software for at least one year from now. So what I have for you today in this post is about unboxing this antivirus with my experience using it and how I protect myself with it.

Note: If you are looking for the features, just head over to the official site. I will not be talking about features here at least for now.

The full system scan

It sucks to start with the cons but that is what my first impression to this software is and I guess it is right to start it this way as well.

I started off Bitdefender with a full system scan during the midnight when I was asleep and my first full scan took about 5 hours to complete. Although I was expecting about 2-3 hours of full scan instead, but I really can’t blame the speed because my hard disk size is a little big here.

On top of that, my previous antivirus, Kaspersky took about 7 hours to complete.

However, one thing good I found out about Bitdefender is, as I was using my computer, the full system scan is so peaceful. I mean, I really didn’t realize that I actually scheduled a full scan while during the scan, I was browsing several sites, opening Microsoft documents, Outlooks and some backup programs.

I only realize that I was scanning my computer all this while is when the scan is completed and prompt me with all the security issues. I was like…Wow! Are you really scanning over there, Bitdefender? Of course it did because I have lots of ethical hacking tools in my computer that labelled as malicious software most of the time.

So, the full system scan might be long, but it is peaceful.


Internet banking securely – with Safepay

The Bitdefender introduced the Safepay which allows me to do my online banking transaction securely in a sandbox. So, I don’t really have to worry about the computer virus on my computer because whatever I do in my online banking, it is completely different environment with my computer.

On top of that, it automatically prompt and ask me whether I want to use the Safepay when I just browse the online banking site from my regular browser. It also protects me from keylogger when I am in the sandbox because when I focus on the password field, the virtual keyboard automatically prompt out.

Unfortunately I was not able to get an actual screenshot of it because I couldn’t do so when I am in Safepay mode.


Protect your privacy by shredding

When you delete a highly sensitive stuff, how sure are you that it is not recoverable with the recovery software? I had tried recovering some of my files after emptying the Recycle Bin and it is not difficult to recover a deleted file as long as it is not a big one.

So, Bitdefender offers the shredder where you can have your sensitive file completely delete from this world. I mean really complete delete. It is easy to use as well where all you need is just to right-click on the file, select Bitdefender and click File Shredder.

Warning: It is really not recoverable. So think twice before you shred!

bitdefender file shredder


Encrypt your important files

If you have important files to keep, don’t store it in a hidden folder – It is not secure.

Don’t zip it with long passwords – It is troublesome.

Save them into the Bitdefender Vault and once you are done using the file, lock the vault. Although the protection to the encryption zone is only password, it is good enough so my tip here is, create a super strong & unique password.



I was amazed as well that Bitdefender provides the Anti-theft feature. The anti-theft feature enables you to locate your laptop but I don’t think it is easy for you to get back after that.

So, the advantage that I see here is you can remotely wipe all your data to protect your privacy here.

bitdefender anti-theft


Free 2 GB Cloud Storage

The last which I find useful is providing a cloud-based backup solution and the storage is up to 2 GB. I wouldn’t say 2 GB is very big here, but you can at least backup most of your important documents over to the cloud so that if your hard disk is completely burn out, you still have a backup copy.

If you would like to have more, Bitdefender is ready to provide you with a bigger storage but I think 2 GB is more than enough for me to keep only the important stuff.


Is it really Total Security?

I really think the Bitdefender Total Security 2013 live up to its name. It provides a total security from the traditional antivirus scan & real time protection up to privacy security (the shredder) and data security (the file encryption and cloud-based backup).

Apart from these core thing which I personally think, there are also stuff which I don’t really use such as Anti-spam, Parental control (because I don’t have kids yet), Registry Cleaner, Two-way firewall and many more that you can find from their official site.

So in conclusion, I rate this software a maximum of 5 stars out of 5 stars because it really gives a total protection from every end and most importantly, it is silent.

I will recommend this software as well if you are looking for an antivirus because I myself is pretty satisfied using it.

If you happen to purchase any link from this post, it is an affiliate link and I will earn some commission for recommending it to you.

Find out how you can achieve maximum protection using the Bitdefender Total Security 2013

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  1. Amit Shaw

    Am Using BitDefender and I must say its awesome. . . .
    Funny Part is i got that from a Giveaway 🙂
    Using more 3 Months Left then it will Expire. . . . Let me know if you will conduct a Giveaway of BitDefender.
    Nice Review Alan.
    Amit Shaw recently posted..Concept of Meta Tags in BloggingMy Profile

    • Alan Tay says:

      Thanks for your comment, Amit.

      You just gave me an idea here. Let suggest to the Bitdefender affiliate manager and see what he thinks 😉

  2. Aditya says:

    I have tried bit defender earlier in 2011 but haven’t find it relevant i hope it will provide what it has mentioned.
    Aditya recently posted..Online Mobile Recharge Software NoidaMy Profile

    • Alan Tay says:

      So far is running good on my side, Aditya.

      You could give me another 2-3 weeks and see if I have any complain about it. 😉

      Just keep in touch with this blog. If there is any issue, I will just blog it out.

  3. Bhushan

    Some time i was affected from a virus which infect my browser and at that time i don’t find bitdefender security as you are saying about.
    Bhushan recently posted..University School Library Management Software Delhi NoidaMy Profile

  4. Zainil

    Bitdefender is awesome… There are soo many cool features with BitDefender… The term “Total Security” suits it! 🙂
    Zainil recently posted..Top 10 Android Apps for Professional PhotographersMy Profile

  5. Ram says:

    I have activated internet banking with SafePay and wish to disable it. How do i do it?

    • Alan Tay says:

      So far, I just close the web browser and the SafePay is disabled. Is this the answer you are looking or or you plan to permanently disable SafePay?

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