Internet Security Tips for the Teens and Kids

Internet is the most epochal creation of the 20th century. Internet is a vast sea of information which gives you the opportunity to gain knowledge on very subject under the sun.

Can you understand now why Internet is considered as a valuable tool for business world and the academic field at the same time? Internet has elevated the bar of communication to a new height – link with anyone you feel like.

Connecting your PC to the internet service shrinks the whole world into your PC screen. But is the Internet a safe place to roam about for kids and teens?

Much like other technologies, Internet too is a dangerous and sleazy place and kids are more vulnerable to this. If you are concerned with your child’s safety over the web, teach your child some internet safety rules.

Yes, internet security is the feature that enables you to use this wonderful technical creation securely. What are those tips of internet safety for your child? Take a look…

Web Security Guidelines for Your Kids

  • Kids are novice to the internet world. So, it is responsibility of the parents to educate them about the hazards and advise them not to divulge their personal information like email address, contact details, residential address, security number and other such stuffs without knowing the person completely.
  • Chatting or surfing the social networking sites should be restricted for kids. Even if they do so, see to it that they use gender-neutral usernames.
  • Kids are innocent and hence, it is quite likely for them to share their password or any photograph with a close friend over the internet. Make sure that your kid does not send any of their pictures without your prior permission or disclose their password to anyone they feel like.
  • Meeting someone who is only seen online – doesn’t this sound to be an exciting act? This excitement draws the teens and young generation to meet online persons whom they have never met in person before.
  • It is important to set certain rules regarding using the Internet. They must have a fixed time to get online, a fixed time duration when they can stay online and have appropriate knowledge of the sites they are allowed to visit.
  • Kids are new to the internet scams and phishing mails and hence, they have the tendency to reply to all these mails. Instruct your children not to response to any mails which make them uncomfortable.
  • Several mail attachments contain virus – this is something they must know when they start surfing the internet. Hence, kids, be cautious before downloading any mail attachments from unknown senders.
  • Teens and young generation is warned not to download or install any software they come across since installing anything can jeopardize your PC system. You should not act in a way that can impose threat to your privacy and system.

Is your kid Internet savvy? This is an important consideration when your child enters the Internet world. Prior surfing the internet, it is essential that kids have the minimum education about this web world. Don’t you feel the same?


About the Author: To know about the loopholes of the Internet world, you can contact the best online computer help professional, Henry Louis. You can get valuable tips for secure web browsing.

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  1. Bhushan

    Technology can become curse or bless,you can choose as you want.
    One of the point very attract me is the several mail attachment can contain virus.I agree that children should be well known about password safety.
    Bhushan recently posted..College Accounting SystemMy Profile

  2. Aditya says:

    Security is not the word for the children who come online just for having some fun.Although they are much aware by the rules of security but not threats,they still keep on doing stuff they don’t want to do and doesn’t follow the instructions.
    Aditya recently posted..Online Mobile Recharge SoftwareMy Profile

  3. Every coin has two sides same as every stuff (including technology) has got some uses and misuses. !!

  4. Hi Henry, some good points you raise.

    “Kids are novice to the internet world.” – that is true, and therefore they do need extra protection, however they do learn really fast, and often get better than their parents at using it!

    I notice that you don’t mention that there is a lot of content (violent and adult) that is inappropriate for children on the internet. Whilst they are probably as likely to stumble upon it as we are, it may be more disturbing for them, so it is important that we consider this, when letting youngsters online.

    You raise some important points Henry, so well done from me 🙂
    Christopher – Technology Bloggers Admin Team
    Christopher Roberts recently posted..MetaTrader 5 – Android App ReviewMy Profile

  5. Shane says:

    Parents can be get action to follow child or kids when using the computer. Parents must give guides what is the purpose of computer benefits exist your computer. Give advise at any time for them.
    Shane recently posted..Putra FM 90.7 Malaysia Radio OnlineMy Profile

  6. Internet security for kids and teens is very important. You should consider the fact tha children will follow your internet security roles only if they don’t feel that they are too controlled. Too much control will make them curious, so it can lead to a rule breaking behaviour.

  7. Steve says:

    well Now a days Internet security is must require for kids and teens. There are lots of thing to keep track to teens & kids like Increase security & privacy & Monitor where kids & teens go online that can much help to track.
    Steve recently posted..How to Add an Image to a WordPress WebsiteMy Profile

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