How Important Is Employee Monitoring And Controlling Internet Usage In The Workplace?

Employee internet monitoring and controlling internet usage in the business workplace is an important factor nowadays. There are a variety of reasons for monitoring; as an employee with unrestricted internet access will likely spend more time doing personal tasks such as chatting with friends or spending time on popular social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. This includes anything from conducting and monitoring forex trades, eBay bids, affiliate marketing, or simply chatting and playing internet games. This naturally affects the employee’s productivity and hence it has become a necessity to either control the internet usage or monitor it.

It is very evident that the internet is addictive and can be a diversion to the most productive employees. However, when used in moderation, it can also prove productive as a source for stress release or relaxation. Unfortunately, this is not so in most of the cases because of its addictive nature. Hence, there is little choice for the company but to either come out with an internet usage policy or install employee internet monitoring software. In most cases, these steps should rectify any loss in productivity.

Unlike the employee internet monitoring software, an internet usage policy specifies the type of work for which the internet can be used while at the office. The whole concept of such a policy is not to spy on employees (as this can create legal hassles) or deny them all access rights but to initiate a disciplinary framework where productivity will not be lost. The objective is to indicate specific sites that can be browsed while using the internet and also implement time limits while browsing the internet. Such a policy would also make the employee understand the security threats that the company would be subjected to through malwares and viruses if there is too much of uncontrolled internet browsing. A training session would work well for implementing such a policy.

Ultimately, this is a bit tricky situation, as the company must maintain good relations with its employees. Hence, if you are going in for an open internet usage policy, the employees should be made aware of the privilege of internet access. Naturally, if there is any loss in productivity (i.e., if the employee misuses the privilege given to them), then they should also be made aware of the penalties of ignoring such policy. While I personally favor an internet usage policy (as there would be less legal hassles), there are situations when a company has little choice but to enforce an employee monitoring software.

A clear distinction needs to be made between work use and personal use. An open policy would largely benefit a company whose main source of income is the internet. However, it is in your best interest to decide whether to go in for an employee monitoring software or an internet usage policy. The employee monitoring software makes it rather easy for the employer to control and check on their employees’ internet usage and would largely help the company make a decision on the employees’ performance.


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  1. Aditya says:

    Productivity is the main motive of any organization,so its fair enough to monitor the work of the employees and keep track of their work done.This will bend them to be more productive.
    Aditya recently posted..Online Mobile Recharge SoftwareMy Profile

  2. Bhushan

    Accessing and more use of internet on social media sites effect productivity of employee and give some disturbance so it should be decrease at some level not completely as i there should be internet monitoring software and policy also.
    Bhushan recently posted..College School Management Software SystemMy Profile

  3. Dave Nevogt

    Hey – yeah I agree – it is an important part of the manager’s job to make sure their employees stay on track and are working on the right things. You can do this with many different software platforms. I have 30 people and I don’t like things that are super invasive that are like “skying” but i use for viewing screenshots of the employee desktop – mostly this is used for time tracking though…

  4. boopathi says:

    Thank You sharing Good Information.

  5. Fatima from villas ubud says:

    Aah, talk about monitoring employee internet activity at workplace; this is critical yet most difficult task to do at times. I was rather alarmed at the results after I started this check at my office; 5 out of 10 employees just sat in office doing stocks, social networking or simply playing poker online! I completely agree with your post and it will surely help others who may not have yet started keeping an eye on their employee’s computers. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Aayna from Leadership training Brisbane says:

    Uncontrolled use of technology always creates problems. The internet is indeed an addictive thing, the inappropriate use of the same can lead to detrimental results which can tarnish the profits as well as the image of the organization. It is in the foremost interest of the organization to keep an eye on the activities of the employees. Thanls for sharing this post.

  7. Maiah says:

    The internet has become a reason for lesser employee productivity these days. I would prefer a monitoring software actually as long as it does not interfere in anyone’s performance. Sometimes these software causes a computer to lag or have some issues.

  8. Monroy says:

    Personally, business owners with a remote team who’s working on the internet the whole day could use a little help on monitoring his employees. We have to admit that it’s very difficult to stay focused on work when facebook or twitter is just one click away. And when you’re on those social media sites, it’s very easy to put your work on-hold and you may not know it, it’s already night time and you haven’t done anything productive. I think “Time is worth more than Money.” That’s why we should not waste any of it and make sure your employees’ work hours are spent working on the stuff they are paid to do.
    Our company have been using the help of our accurate and reliable time tracking software (Time Doctor) for quite some time now. It makes us stay motivated and helps us get the job done.

  9. adelaide says:

    It is equally important to keep a tab on employees as it is on children at home. There are nasty things on the web and it is easy to get carried away. I use Qustodio. Its free and offers a complete parental control solution. Besides blocking the sites, it also allows me to track history up to 30 days, track the programs installed, as also the chatting programs. Has been working very well for me. You can Google it.

  10. Natasha Lambert says:

    I sincerely believe that monitoring web content is not only a necessity for your business, but saves money in the long run. This begs the question: which software should be implemented? Currently I’m in the process of scouting for the right company that meets my small business needs, regretfully this is new territory for me and have no definitive way of choosing one. I was advised that: web content filtering was a good start , but once again this might as well be another language for me. Any advice would be much appreciated thanks!

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