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Safety and security are high priorities for homeowners. Home security systems work well to prevent break-ins and to provide professional assistance with the touch of a button for fire or medical emergencies.

With more criminals becoming high-tech, home security has also had to move in this direction. Home security technology has made leaps and bounds in the past few years to make it easier for homeowners to use—and harder for criminals to break through.

Smart Home

Having a smart home system is a great way for homeowners to have full control over every aspect of the house. This home automation system allows a homeowner to control different parts of the home with just a remote control.

Automation systems let homeowners control temperature settings, lights, blinds and other appliances. The automation system can also control any home security features the house may have installed, including cameras, doors and windows.

The major benefit of having a smart home is that the homeowner has the ability to set and control all aspects of the home with the touch of a button. They can also set their preferences so that if they forget to turn something on or off, it can be programmed to do so automatically.

Having all of the options on a single control panel also ensures the ease of use, making the system work at optimal performance.

The cost to turn a home into a smart home will vary depending on which features a homeowner chooses. A simple wireless system set up without the support from a vendor can cost less than $1000. If a homeowner chooses to go with a company that provides full support for the system, including installation, the cost is usually closer to $10,000, but will certainly add value to the home in the long run.

Wireless Systems

Wireless security systems are becoming more and more popular with homeowners. The major attraction to this type of system is the cost. Wireless systems do not require special equipment to be installed in the wiring of the home, so the cost is much lower.

Wireless systems also have the ability to have sensors placed in areas where a traditional system could not reach. This provides more protection for the homeowner with better security coverage.

Wireless systems are also a good choice for those who rent instead of owning their home. The system can be easily installed and taken out when the lease is up. [Read: How to Re-use Your Old Computer and Setup a Home Security System]

Mobile Solutions

Mobile solutions are a great way for homeowners to check out what is going on in the home without having to be there. A mobile solution is often an app that the homeowner can download to their smartphone. Through the app, a person can check their security system.

A person can disarm or arm the alarms, watch video feeds and even turn on lights or other appliances with their phone.

While this is still a developing market, mobile solutions for home security are gaining in popularity. While a homeowner must still pay for a security system, the cost of the app itself is relatively small. Current home security apps available work with a number of home security systems.


About the Author: Robert Fullerton is a MIT grad and tech blogger.  He also writes on behalf of Champion Small Engine Repair, a company that can offer a Lawnmower repair.

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  1. Aditya says:

    Technology has spread its feet on every single path that comes in its way.Handling security issues with the iPhone is the answer to it.A great app to download.One can keep an eye from anywhere and anytime…Wow!! that’s called technology.
    Aditya recently posted..MLM Software Development Company IndiaMy Profile

  2. Bhushan

    Home securities are used for safety measures so device with fully controlling are necessary in this time.many of solutions are here just like apps securities and keyless door lock and other automation securities system.we can secure home and places with wireless alarm system so the technology of the securities are going increase and in fast demanding.
    Thanks for this alert.
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  3. Greg says:

    Using technology to secure homes and families is good but let’s not fully entrust everything to it. The thing is, we become so used to it that everything in our lives is being run by technology,

  4. Steve says:

    @Greg, I don’t think anyone wants to entrust everything to technology. So many years of dystopian movies based on what happens when technology goes awry has pretty much secured that position that technology will always be a lower priority than human well-being. Having said that, technology is here to make our lives easier. That’s essentially the only reason it exists, and the only reason it continues to evolve. Not every step towards the future has necessarily been the right one (for example, if you’ve ever used Microsoft software, consider how Windows likes to hijack your hardware). Techs can testify to the complications that arise from and for maintenance of new systems. Overall, however, technology has enhanced most people’s lives. Consider this: the telephone–television–computers–cell phones–the internet–HDTV–the iPhone. Each one of these devices IS an example of technology, and as technology progresses, so do advancements in each one to make life easier or more fun. I won’t even go into medical advancements. We all know what great things have been accomplished there. The same can be said for home security. We don’t depend on it if we don’t have to (an example by contrast would be that a deaf person must depend on close-captioning to enjoy a television show with dialogue), but if it’s there, we take advantage of it.
    If you live in America and want to find a good local company to install a good home security system in your area, you need to see this video and call their number. They’re great. Local Home Security
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