Why Network Transceiver Security is So Important

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Network transceivers are devices that transmit and receive both analog and digital signals. Transceiver is the shortened term for transmitter-receiver. They are an essential part of a local-area networks (LAN). In most cases, the transceiver is in built into the network interface card. A transceiver is also called a Medium Access Unit in Ethernet networks.

Network transceiver security is vital for anyone running a wireless LAN. A lot of people try to connect to unprotected networks that lack security. This is a dangerous practice for anyone setting up a router.

Even the most rudimentary security protocols can mean a world of difference for system administrators. Nevertheless, there are a few drawbacks to password protecting a network transceiver. Some devices won’t be able to connect to secured networks.

Network Radio Safety

Even if network transmitters are operating within safety limits, software security can still be a major problem. When people talk about network radio safety, they usually only ever refer to biological safety. Once the power level is low enough, people stop giving thought to the issue.

Digital networks are far more secure than older analog methods of communication. Most people own some sort of mobile device, however, and this means that no network is truly safe. System administrators should be paying attention to who is logged in so that illicit network intrusion can be quickly detected.

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WPA Security

Wi-Fi Protected Access protocols represent the basic password protection system for many networks. The service can usually be turned on and off through the router’s access page. Several network transceivers can be configured through a regular browser by directly accessing the router’s IP address.

On the other hand, older devices have trouble connecting to these machines. For example, Nintendo DS handheld game units are notorious for not cooperating with network transceiver security protocols. Then again, these devices work well without any Internet connection.

Router Firewall Software

Firewalls can ship as independent software products or be installed as part of a transceiver box design. Router firewalls protect the network from illegal access. Passwords protect networks from unauthorized users logging in, but firewalls make sure that programs aren’t allowed to do the same autonomously.

Trojans and other types of illegitimate software can sometimes try to use an open backdoor protocol to sneak into a LAN. Network infections are infamous, since they can spread to every machine connected to a particular data stream. Hardware firewalls help to mitigate this problem by preventing software from ever getting a connection in the first place.

Local Client Firewalls

Router firewalls protect the network, but local computers should also have a firewall. In fact, many operating systems now ship with default firewall programs. While these subroutines are sometimes criticized, they are quite useful.

Firewalls that ship with the operating systems are widely installed. Even if they aren’t the most effective, they have a high usage rate. Those with more serious concerns can invest in third-party software packages to protect their network transceivers.


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