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E-commerce is an emerging paradigm of online technology. Since last many years’ people tend to buy online instead of local shopping due to transparency, reasonable cost and free shipping facility so if you get everything online then why people should spend time and transport expense.

But buyer should be careful before buying online anything. There are many fraud case registered before government for online shopping. We should take advantage of latest technology but aware of some points which are really considerable in online shopping or E-commerce.

  • Secure site: Shopper should check the address bar of the site whether it shows http:// or https://. Because http:// is not a safe and secure site to purchase anything it may not secure site to process the payment information securely. SSL certificate offers a green bar or pad lock in left side or bottom side of site that means site is secure for online monetary transactions.
  • Familiar site:  Buyer should shop from well-known sites or should search their reviews first because there are many sites may steal your credit or debit card information and even harm your bank balance. Always investigate the site by calling their executives and ask for company’s business details. Shopper can research a company compare to business bureau.
  • Purchase Policy: Esteem websites always publish their policy on their websites. Shopper must read those policy regarding purchase, cash transaction, refund, tax and security and privacy policy. Many trusted E-commerce website produce merchant guideline about data security and email security.
  • Marketing tactics: When buyer visits site and surf the site there are cookies that will set in your browser automatically and monitor on your buying habits hence next time you visit the site your preference match products will appear on screen forcing to buy them. E-commerce site owner follows behavior of a person in buying object this will help them to focus on demanded products rather than other products, it will increase their profit and serve you in a better way.
  • Payment types: Today many payment types available for shoppers. Credit card, debit card, money transfer, cash on delivery. To avoid fraud please always use credit card or cash on delivery option. If you utilize debit card or money transfer then hacker will identify the bank account no. and can harm your financial position. Credit card comes under consumer protection act hence you are safe in such fraud and immoral act.
  • Spare information: If any website wants any personal or habitual details rather than name, address or any detail is required for online transaction then kindly avoid filling such information because it may behave like spam or phishing. Sometimes phishing companies want individual information in depth to realize you’re buying pattern and if you are not aware the information will be used for malicious purpose.
  • Password: Always keep your password lengthy with numeric numbers or case sensitive. Never show your password to anyone try to keep some unique password instead of your name, birth date, license no. It will decrease a chance of fraud.
  • Order Print: When you place your order to site it will show preview of order hence you should save a copy of it. It shows company’s name, address, confirmation no., product no, order cost etc. Such copy of order will help us for further dispute if arise with company and act as evidence against company.
  • Shipping facility: Always consider the shipping facility and cost provide by the site. Company always places terms about geographical limit for shipping, free shipping, shipping medium, shipping cost, and shipping insurance.

At last, if we take into account the above information then shopping will be an enjoyable and risk free experience for us.


About the Author: Abel Wike at, is one of the leading SSL security certificates provider globally and Authenticate Platinum Partner of GeoTrust (Symantec, Thawte and RapidSSL). Our all certificates are same as our vendors sell directly. We are hereby; focus on SSL and related security. This allows us to be experts in the field.

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  1. Aditya says:

    Hi Abel,
    When i first read your blog title i thought i have read this many times before but i am absolutely wrong.
    i didn’t know that shopping online can have this much of issues related to it.I almost buy things from online shopping websites but didn’t knew about the http:/ and https:/ thing.Also i am not aware of SSL certificate.
    This post really helped me and next time i buy something online i will keep in mind these measures you have discussed and stay secured.
    Aditya recently posted..ERP CRM Softwares Solutions ProvidersMy Profile

  2. Bhushan

    Hey Abel,

    Ya Agree with you, you determine your excellent experience about on line shopping.y You goody said that http:// is not safe for this. we should recommend http://. for this uses.I have purchase my laptop online so i was aware from something but you provide me outstanding info.

    Thanks for sharing this valuable info with us.
    Bhushan recently posted..Inventory Management Software SystemMy Profile

    • Abel Wike says:

      @Bhushan –

      The HyperText Transfer Protocol is an application layer protocol, which means it focuses on how information is presented to the user of the computer but doesn’t care a whit about how data gets from Point A to Point B. HTTP operates on Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) Port 80 by default, meaning your computer must send and receive data through this port to use HTTP.

      Secure HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTTPS) is for all practical purposes HTTP. The chief distinction is that it uses TCP Port 443 by default, so HTTP and HTTPS are two separate communications. HTTPS works in conjunction with another protocol, Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), to transport data safely. Remember, HTTP and HTTPS don’t care how the data gets to its destination. In contrast, SSL doesn’t care what the data looks like. People often use the terms HTTPS and SSL interchangeably, but this isn’t accurate. HTTPS is secure because it uses SSL to move data.

      • Bhushan

        I am going to visualize wow!
        Amazing. You hit all the right notes on this blog post! It’s all there
        This is a very innovative idea for a blog post. YES SHTTP are useful for everyone.I will share this with my friends,Thanks.
        Bhushan recently posted..ERP Software VendorsMy Profile

  3. Zainil

    Nice tips, but i really get scared to share my personal n confidential data on the Internet. I personally believe that, if someone wants to steal your data, then he will steal it.. Internet cannot be anti-hackable!
    Zainil recently posted..Rising Interest for Voice Recognition AppsMy Profile

  4. Richa from ubud villa says:

    I buy a lot of stuff online, like, we got our LED, books, clothes and what not, but never thought of the points that you have mentioned. These are great tips and I will surely keep them in mind next time while making a purchase online.

  5. Zukidaru Ru says:

    Amazing tips, I think that security is most important when someone is surfing the internet. All aspects must be considered, both internal and external. Internal means is you or your friend, while the external is a hacker. For the problems of online shopping, I always attention very well be some aspect that has been described by the author. But there are things that I did not notice that is Purchase Policy. Thanks for Author.

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