Monitoring You Childs Computer – Keyloggers in 2012

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Most parents will know the situation. It starts with getting a laptop or PC for your child to have in their room and ends with too much gaming & instant messaging. The problem in question usually involves not enough home work being done or a level of distrust in the types of websites your child visits. All this, of course depends on their age, although there are different worries for different age groups. Either way no one can disagree that it’s important to have some sort of control or knowledge over their computer use, whether directly or indirectly.

What people may not agree on is the practically and ethical implications of using a keylogger. If you’re not sure, a keylogger is a program that stealthily monitors activity on the computer it’s installed on. The name is ancient, and comes from a time when all that needed to be monitored was keystrokes. These days the programs are more commonly referred to as Computer Monitoring Software.

Whether you agree with their use or not, computer monitoring software is the perfect solution for monitoring your childs computer. With it, you’ll be able to get reports of all aspects of their computer activity, from websites visited to documents printed. The software usually runs stealthily but can run in the task bar, requiring a password to access. The reports can usually be sent via email or looked at in detail on the actual computer.

Of course, there are always two sides to the ethical arguments over keyloggers. On the one side, some parents think it’s intrusive of their childs privacy and takes a way an element of trust from the parenting. On the other side of the argument, some parents believe that the dangers and explicit nature of a lot of the internet is enough to warrant using monitoring software. Which side you’re on is up to you, but personally I think it shifts the ethical slider slightly if you tell the child they are being monitored, and only monitor them when you suspect misuse of the computer.

If you do decide monitoring is the right solution for you, there are plenty of options available to you. Most software will offer a free trial of their keylogger so you can see if it suits your needs. Most keyloggers in 2012 have are common set of features that will allow you to monitor all aspects of your childs computer activity. The first of which will be the actual keylogger, which will monitor all keystrokes, along with the application they were typed in and the time and date they were entered.

All applications used will also be monitored, along with all websites visited (including the keystrokes entered on these websites), both of these will be tagged with the date and time. Screenshots will be taken of all of the above. Usually at a set time interval or whenever a new window is opened or made active.

Documents and files will also be monitored. Any new, opened, saved, moved or deleted files/documents will be logged, again with the date, time, name and location of the file. Any documents that are printed will be logged and all clipboard activity recorded, meaning anything that’s copied and pasted will be monitored.

These will be the basic set of features you’ll find in most keyloggers in 2012. Some will have extra features, some slightly different features but most do the same job. Stealth levels (if that’s what’s important to you) should be what to look out for. Some software is completely undetectable while others aren’t meant to be hidden. Remember to always try the free trial before you buy.


About the Author: John Jones, the author of this article runs ‘Gecko Monitor’ – the powerful and stealthy computer monitoring software. To download a free trial of Gecko Monitor head to

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