Internet Security Considerations for Small but Growing Businesses

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Internet security is not only a concern of small businesses but also of America. There have been numerous initiatives and campaigns to raise public awareness in the past three years.

Small business owners are urged to adopt the fundamental Internet security practices to prevent hacking and reduce vulnerabilities in the network. Officials hope that if the price of hacking is high, it will be a deterrent to those considering the practice.

What is Endpoint Security?

Endpoint security requires that each computer device on a network meet certain standards before network access is granted. Endpoints describe each peripheral on a network. Peripherals may include personal computers, laptops, tablets or smart phones. Point of sale (POS) terminals and bar code readers may also be included as endpoint peripherals.

Most endpoint security systems include a managed server to host the security program. Another client program may be installed on each network device. With this model, each client is required to log into network for credential verification. The device must also be scanned to ensure it complies with corporate security policies.

Typical requirements include updated anti virus software, a VPN client and an approved operating system. With endpoint security, non-compliant devices will either be quarantined on virtual LAN systems or be given limited access to the network. Endpoint security may also include personal firewalls or anti-virus software.

Intrusion detection may also be a part of the endpoint security system. This is part of the evolution of intrusion detection. Endpoint security is preferable to many because it involves anti-virus in the cloud. Cloud applications are easily scalable and affordable for small business owners with limited capital.

When Should Small Business Owners Consider Endpoint Security?

Disasters can result in downtime that may cost SMBs $12,500 daily. Small businesses may lose $3000 per day, and medium businesses may lose $23,000 daily. A single power outage can cost SMBs $10,000 per day.

With these statistics, there is no time like the present to consider an endpoint security system. If there are two or more computers in a system, endpoint security may be an option. Many SMBs may consider waiting until there are more than two endpoint peripherals to consider this option.

With endpoint systems, data backup is a part of the process. Disaster, human error and hardware error are all common reasons why an IT system could fail. It is important to back up files frequently to avoid disaster. Layered security is also recommended. SMBs should implement an Internet security plan as soon as business is launched to avoid data loss.

What Small Businesses Should Consider Prior to Selecting Internet Protection

Small businesses must remain aware of the online risks that may make them more vulnerable to cyber-crime. In order for businesses to remain resilient, business preparedness is necessary. Since perfect Internet security is not possible, small businesses must be prepared to reduce risk and mitigate loss should an incident occur. Fortunately, there are inexpensive solutions to help businesses with Internet services.

Numerous anti-virus small business solutions offer Internet security that businesses need. The business packages typically cost more than security for a personal computer, but the security is better and more robust.


About the Author: Chris Gable is an electrical engineer that has taken a keen interest in endpoint security and cloud based security to keep his network safe.

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