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On July 5, 2012
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The Blizzard Mobile Authenticator enables all user to have a two factor authentication which provides a better security to their account.

Previously, I had made a post on how to secure your Diablo 3 account with the Mobile Authenticator.  If you are some Diablo freak, you really need an authenticator to secure your account.

But before you really think of the superiority of having an authenticator, I would like to do a quick review on this piece of software.

First of all, going through the installation and setup is pretty straight forward. Blizzard provided a very comprehensive guide and the flow to completely set everything up is easy as well. This is the place where I should say well done to Blizzard.

So now, what are the advantages of using the authenticator?

  1. Better login security. Now with the authenticator, even your friend who has your username and password will not be able to login into your account. He will need the 8 digit code generated from your Mobile Authenticator.
  2. Free of charge. While everyone is saying there is no free lunch, there you go, the Mobile Authenticator is completely free. You don’t have to pay any single cent to use the service.
  3. Easy to use. I feel I had been over bragging about the usability of the mobile authenticator but the fact is, it is really easy to use. I can’t think of how easy it can be anymore unless you can think of and suggest to me below.

Enough reading the advantages? We all know that no product is perfect. Even the best product in the world has disadvantages and here are my piece opinions on the disadvantages of the Mobile Authenticator.

  1. Lack of security protecting the software. It could be better security if every time the application is launched, a security PIN is requested to start the application. It is not difficult and if the user experience is concerned on having more hassles, they should have an option either to enable or disable the security feature.
  2. 8 digits code. I had tried few times where I missed the code when I lack of focus keying in the code. 6 digits is pretty simple, I can read once, remember and type on the keyboard. But somehow, 8 digits code is a little long to me and sometimes I need to read the code twice in order to complete the second factor verification. As a result I missed it at times.
  3. Restoration code. I am not too sure whether this is necessary or not. This is because if the mobile authenticator is lost, just report lost and get a new serial. There is no reason to get the similar authenticator as before because I don’t see any security benefit in it. On top of that, I see the disadvantage of other people capable of having the same authenticator as you.

The Verdict

Overall, there isn’t high expectations on the mobile authenticator. I don’t really expect any fancy features over there simply because it is a security device and it should only do best in providing a better security.

Considering the limitation of a software based token is concerned, this mobile authenticator is quite a good application. I will urge every account holder who is very particular about the Diablo III golds and items to get at least a mobile authenticator.

Although I highly recommend the hardware authenticator, but due to the limitation of Blizzard where they only provide to certain region, we should at least have a mobile version.

So, stay secure and start protecting your account today.

The Blizzard Mobile Authenticator enables all user to have a two factor authentication which provides a better security to their account.
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  1. Sarah

    I actually thought the mobile authenticator was going to be a huge hassle at first. Now I am so used to it that I naturally log into my app with 1 hand while I’m entering in my username/pw with the other. The added protection makes me feel a lot more secure.
    Sarah recently posted..The Dangers of an Acidic LifestyleMy Profile

  2. Lakshmi Balu says:

    It is a good strategy when it comes to protecting the accounts of
    The 8 code digital code generated is something new in case of the protection feature. Its quiet impressive as a password protector.

  3. Andrei

    This really depends on the player if he needs this one. Nice info for bringing up the advantages and disadvantages.

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